40th Birthday Party

On this fortieth birthday I am overwhelmed with friends and the beauty of friendship! There has been a literal outpouring of love, blessing, and gifts like I've never experienced before in my life. I feel perfectly undeserving and quite humbled by it all. 

At last count, I've had 7 celebrations with anywhere from 1 to 47 friends and family per party. My birthday was almost two months ago and I am still feeling the repercussions! Seriously, a person could get really spoiled by this!

I choose to bow my head and give thanks to God for friends and family whom I love dearly! I am rich!

The grand celebration with over forty guests was held at my house at my request! When asked by a friend which restaurant I'd choose for the party, I decided to ask if my house would do, since I've wanted to have the ladies here and wasn't getting to it. 

Then I panicked at what I'd done. What if 60, 70, 80 ladies showed up and we couldn't fit them in? It is a distinct possibility, for I counted up the young girls and ladies and there are over 100 at Oasis Tabernacle! I counted on the fact that it would not suit nearly everyone.

We had to cancel on our first attempt, due to a snow storm. On the second attempt, there was a "safe" forecast but it snowed anyway. We chose to ignore the flakes drifting down and hoped it wouldn't amount to much. The poor ladies had to trudge two blocks from the Oasis Tabernacle parking area to my house because our drive simply could not accommodate all those cars.

The guests are filling the rooms of my home and bringing me joy!

We even had these darling babies to join the celebration!

This cute little guy, my friend Brittany's baby Elson, reminds me of my nephew Mason! I helped take care of Mason after he was born, so he's special! That makes Elson special!

Don't you just love the hat! What do you think, Kris? Do you think he looks like your lil Mason when he was a baby?

Hurray, I got a few baby giggles out of him!

My friend Janet (behind me in the following photo) was my calming support and chatted with me while I opened the gifts. I am strange, I suppose, but opening gifts in front of people makes me nervous and fluttery. She was a perfect companion and kept me (at least somewhat) composed! And my dear Anne, with whom I am talking (but you can't see her face), is a wonderful example of friendship! 

So many lovely gifts!

I positively LOVED the menu! Give me fruit, pastries, and savory breads and I am one happy birthday girl!

Ellen Witmer and Glenda Yoder did a terrific job on the food, preparation, and planning. God bless them!

Now that the guests have gone, Jacki and her friend Jessica have fun sifting through my gifts! 

More gifts came from friends at Oasis on Sunday morning! 

Another gift of forty gifts from my friend Twila, who came to my house several days after the party!

It's an absolute fan of money...$355...can you believe it! I have several things in mind for it already. Immediately, a trip to Montana to see my family appeared as an option! I might use it to buy those French dining chairs I've been eyeing for quite some time. It is delightful to dream, in any case!

I am blessed above all measure. Why I should have so many friends I do not know, but I thank God for them and pray I may be a friend true and kind to each of them! They are the greatest gift of all!


  1. Happy belated birthday, Karyn! So happy you had a beautiful time with special friends! And I am positive that you truly are a friend kind and true to each one.


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