Ask Anything

Does that sound as extravagant to you as it does to me? It seems too good to be true. Ask anything and I'll do it. That is what Jesus says in John 14:14.

"Ask anything in my name
and I will do it."

But what does it mean to ask in Jesus' name? I believe that is the key, and perhaps, the missing component for most of our asking. The preceding verses in John 14 discuss some criteria for asking and receiving.

-  steadfastly believe in Jesus as God's Son
-  love Him
-  obey His commands
-  believe that Jesus is in the Father and the Father in Him

In simple terms...believe, love, and obey Jesus. If I walk in that way, I can ask anything in His Name. That is what Jesus did when He lived on this earth. He believed, loved, and obeyed His Father in all things, thus having the privilege of asking His Father for anything and it was done. 

My heart's desire is to live the same way Jesus did. I have much yet to learn, but I find He is a faithful, patient, and loving teacher. Where I go wrong or ask wrong, He corrects me. 

Here is our testimony of one place where He is fulfilling His promise...

Just this morning, Jacquelyn came over to my room, overflowing with the grace of God in her life and thankful for how much He is helping her to overcome the oppressions that have overshadowed her life for several years. We had a session of praise for our Father's faithfulness in leading her to triumph day by week by month by year.

He is all glorious! When I look back over the many periods of dread, fear, darkness, depression, and tears, I marvel in awe at the careful love and gentle leading of our precious Father. How many times we cried to Him for answers, for deliverance, for direction.

He bridges the awful chasm of death and oppression, leading us on in this triumphant march to victorious life! I feel I could almost burst with the sheer delight of Him! 

Day by day, I want to learn how to live in such harmony with Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, that I know just how and what to ask in His Name. I believe it is vital to life in the Kingdom of God.
All glory and honor and praise to His Most High Name! 


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