Room By Room...No.5

Master Bedroom

The most wonderful aspect of the renovation of this room is that we are not about to move! It has been my experience to redo the master, only to end up moving within a short time. The pleasure of beautifying our retreat, knowing we get to stay here, is exquisite!

Here is the before photo, when we first toured the house.

The blank slate...

We have lived with this 'original' messy-paint-job look for two years. Then Dale had an overnight business trip last week, and it occurred to me that is the perfect opportunity to freshen up our bedroom. 

It was a major upheaval for most of the week! I got it painted and put back together by the end of the week (with a few minor changes this week), and now it speaks peace and calm!

Just give me gallons of white paint! Even the ceiling tiles got painted. I decided there is no use waiting until they get replaced. Instead, I put in hours of back-breaking labor, trying to get all the slits and cracks filled with primer then paint. I am surprised at how much improved that ceiling looks. 

As to which paint I used...the ceiling is a flat sheen, the walls are satin, and the trim and doors are semi-gloss; all in white Valspar paint from Lowe's. I spray painted the air duct in the ceiling, the radiator, and the little wall lamps with white gloss Rustoleum paint.

I love the little lamps on either side of my reclining chair as well as that shiny white radiator. It's a much-improved look from the burnished gold they had been. On a side note, I think live plants are one of my favorite decorating pieces.

Cheery red tulips...

My latest journal is darling, especially when stashed into this cute little metal basket!

Old-fashioned doorknobs that don't operate so very smoothly but are bursting with charm!

My journals line the dresser. It is a simple joy of life, this taking of pen and paper to express my thoughts and dreams! 

Our love story (my husband's and mine) is a indescribable treasure to me. I never dreamed it could be such pure delight alongside such intense anguish. Our love story is one of giving, taking, bliss, pain, forgiveness, torment, caring, sharing, tears, laughter, never-ending life committed to each other!

Call me selfish if you will, but redoing this room of ours gave me a greater sense of joy and satisfaction than any other space in the entire house! That was an unexpected pleasure in the midst of the days of painting, going to town for more paint, moving furniture, rearranging, setting up and dismantling the bed numerous times, etc...

I pray this renovation is an exception to the rule and we stay in this home for many years to come. You wouldn't believe how pleased I feel to have been here for these two short years with no moving plans in sight. 

I give thanks to God, my Father. And I trust our future to Him, for His ways and plans are perfect!


  1. And I am equally happy that there are no moving plans... We must get together, we must get together, we must get together, we must....:) Love the room -so pure white.

    1. Anne, you are totally onto something because that has been circling in my head for a few weeks :)

  2. That is absolutely beautiful!!! Makes me want to get to mine now. I love the pure white. Also very glad that there aren't any moving plans being made :)

    1. I thought of you, Twila, and hope you get the time to do yours too!

  3. It's gorgeous! So fresh and inviting! I think it's important to have that room of our house as a restful place and not a dumping station. It's for the King and Queen of the home...

  4. Thanks, and you're right, it is an awesome plan to keep this room restful!


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