Shutters to Headboard

Need a new headboard? Me too! Shutters to the rescue.

The pile of shutters out in the patio is decreasing as I use them in my decor! What fun, not paying a cent for a new look!

Jacki and I cleaned them up and I applied a coat of shiny black paint. My little-used front foyer is a great place for these projects when it's way too cold outside.

This morning Dale cut then fastened two boards across the back (top and bottom) of all five of shutters to create one solid panel. Incidentally, I think that is a sweet thing for my husband to do for me on Valentine's Day! We helped each other put it together and set it up behind the bed. Practical. Not so very romantic. But the beauty of working together at whatever it is that needs to be done creates a happiness deep inside of my heart!


It's a happy day at the Schmucker residence!


  1. Wow Karyn!!! That looks beautiful!! I think that was a very nice thing for your husband to do for you on valentines day!! Cause I can hear it made you very happy.

    1. I was so happy with him and with my headboard! By the way, I am so glad to hear you made it home safely :)


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