Hope of Spring

Sugarcreek is slowly but surely exhibiting a willingness to release its frozen grip on the locked door of Spring, for which I breathe a hopeful sigh of relief.

I walk among my tiny gardens searching for the faintest signs of spring green and growth and bud and bloom. It is scarcely to be detected even now, but it is there for the probing eye and ear to perceive.

The bursting through hardened soil of the daffodil plant.

The return of the singing bird.

The lengthening of the day.

The unfurling of the strawberry leaf.

The melting of winter snow.

The purchase of a new pair of gardening gloves.

Oh yes, the excitement of springtime is beginning to work its energizing influence upon my soul! 

When the sun came out after a long cloudy and rainy spell Jacki and I both felt a sense of hoping rising within!

Praises to my Lord for the beauty and promise of spring!