Stairway Display

By now you probably know how much I love renewing old homes. Perhaps you know my appreciation for hardwood floors. If so, you understand why uncovering these stairs and this landing is so much fun!

The floors were covered up with carpet, the walls had paper and a purple and green border when we first moved in. It was not my style. Decidedly not!

I painted the paper, or grass cloth, on the walls in Subtle Oatlands Taupe. The walls above the border are white in the Valspar brand, except for the lower section on the lower stairway, which is also taupe. After taking off one too many borders in multiple houses and seeing this one would not go without a great fight, I painted over it with chalkboard paint. I know, terrible, but it's a thick vinyl piece that is holding up quite well with the treatment I'm giving it, so it will do for now.

I hung a piece of jute twine from one end of the border to the other then attached a display of photos onto it with clothespins.

I added borders around each photo, using a chalk marker. Nothing fancy, but simply fun!

On the border above the windows I wrote a verse in chalk. It is the perfect reminder of how to live each day...trusting in God. It sort of got scrunched into the right corner. Obviously, I need practice with writing and centering!

I hated this little light with the dangling prisms, but it must be growing on me, because I am starting to like it a tiny bit!

Julian helped me take out the carpeting to reveal the hardwood underneath. Removing nail strips and staples was one of those rather slow, tedious jobs that suited him perfectly well. He liked to do it, believe it or not! I, of course, was thrilled for his patient help.

Why you would cover up this lovely wood, I don't know. But then again, some people can't understand why I paint over perfectly nice wood trim! That is exactly what I did to this trim. To each his own...

Note the painted trim in the next photo. Why is it alright to cover the wood trim with paint, but not okay to cover the wood floor with carpet? I'm not sure how I arrived at my conclusion, but it computes quite nicely in my brain, so I do it!

It is so much brighter and prettier with painted walls and hardwood flooring! This combo is, for me, simple and serene.

This door on the landing is sweet enough in wood tones, so I decided to leave it!

Sparkling lil doorknob!

Another project (almost) completed. I still have to take Old English scratch cover over the top flight of stairs. It does wonders to camouflage the array of nicks and scratches leftover from carpet installation and removal plus years of use. These stairs are, after all, 90 years old, so a few signs of old age are perfectly in order!

I take Joy in Refreshing and Renewing my home!


  1. Wow Karyn!!! That is absolutely lovely! You sure have a wonderful talent in transforming something. I love it! Great job.

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