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Round Coffee Table Refinishing Project!

This kind of thing makes me happy. I don't love the process but I look to the end result. It is joy in the small stuff that brings sunshine to an ordinary day.

I have been in the market for a round coffee table for quite some time. This one popped up on craigslist and I was really pleased when Dale was able to pick it up for me.

Obviously, I never got the before photo. Here, the top is coated with Citristrip.

If anyone knows what kind of wood this is, I would be glad to be informed. I try to look these things up online, but I still can't figure out exactly what is what.

After stripping and sanding...

One rather meaningful detail is the date stamped on the bottom of the coffee table. It was made in the year I was born! Warmed my heart, that one tiny mark!

I was unsuccessful in another online search in regards to this piece. The finish I wanted was what I call whitewash, but all the techniques I found were either too complicated, required materials I didn't have, or produced less than desirable results. To show the wood grain but still feature a white finish, I set out to do it according to the logical steps in my own brain with the tools and products readily available to me. Scary, I know, but my thought was that I could always just paint over it all if I don't like the outcome.

The logical steps as I saw them!

1.  strip table top then clean with warm water
2.  sand then clean with dry cloth and/or vacuum brush
3.  add water to paint until it has the consistency of milk
4.  brush onto small area of table - 3" wide strip
5.  wipe off immediately with dry rag
6.  after table top is done, allow it to dry
7.  repeat steps 4 - 6 once (or until it reaches desired look)
8. sand to even out paint job (due to inexperience on my part!)
9. wipe with damp rag
10. coat with wax 
11. after an hour or so, buff with clean cloth
12. to inform you the legs are painted white (semi-gloss)!
As it turns out, I am highly satisfied with the look except for the visible sanding marks if you look at it too closely. I really should have used steel wool or a finer grit of sandpaper on the last bit of sanding. But I rather embrace imperfections in a piece like this, so it's alright in my house!

It has found a home in front of the living room sofa.

It occurs to me that I may end up painting that side table and those chair legs to unify the look! I see things from this angle that I may not notice otherwise!

And that, my friends, is my coffee table project! I like white!


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