Spring Garden Tour

"Flowers appear on the earth, 
the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves is heard in our land."
Song of  Songs 2:12

Great is the excitement and anticipation when I can finally take that trip (those many trips) to the local greenhouses to choose my spring flowers! Each year I revel in the delights of finding new flowers and plants for my gardens. Each year I have a different array of colors and a specific theme.

My purchases lined up in the patio, ready for planting... 

I chose silver, black, and white! It sounds a bit formal and cool but I hope it becomes elegant and beautiful as the summer unfolds.

The large urn by the kitchen door holds purple fountain grass and a dark coleus for the black, wave petunias in white, then dychondra silver falls and dusty miller add the silver.

A few weeks later it is bursting with white, now if the black and silver can just keep up!

The pots in the shade or under roof in the patio have white impatiens instead of wave petunias.

The three hanging baskets on the garage have euphorbia diamond frost, the most darling, tiny, airy, white flowers. 

In this urn I have purple fountain grass, coleus, dusty miller, dychondra silver falls, and white impatiens. 

Actually, there are two of those urns in the shutter garden

The snowball viburnum in the front garden starts out this pretty spring green color and lightens to white.

What a lovely bouquet to bring indoors!

In among the huge hydrangeas I planted a few evergreen trees, midget evergreens, and ferns. To add a bit of white to the shade garden I draped several rows of impatiens throughout. I still think white flowers cast a lovely glow to illuminate a shady garden like no other!

I love hakone grass and hope to add more in the future!

In the lamp post garden I have white alyssum, white geraniums, and dusty miller, plus a white wave petunia in the hanging basket.

The brick wall is still standing but just barely...I tried to dress it up a bit with white alyssum and geraniums.

The little flower pot by the front door displays another combination of black, silver, and white.

Yet another combo...

A few more flowers on the rooftop balcony

To sit among the gardens in the morning with my steaming cup of coffee and watch the dawn approach is pure delight and soothing to the soul!

My circular vegetable garden is full of lettuce and spinach this year! We are already reaping the bountiful, tasty harvest.

Herbs, fruits, and vegetables grow alongside the flowers in the borders at the back of our property.

Strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, peonies, roses, hibiscus, lilies...they all share this garden! We're also trying money plant and bells of Ireland from seed!

There's a row of carrots along the back of the herb border plus basil (three kinds because it's our favorite herb), arugula, dill, cilantro, oregano, chamomile, and rosemary, and lemon grass.

A corner of the patio. If you have old jars that are impossible to clean, just give them a coat of spray paint and use as splashy decor. And of course, this room seems incomplete without a fern or two and rows of twinkling lights strung across the ceiling!

And with that you have a snapshot of our gardens here at Doverlee! 

Happy first of June to all and may your summer be beautiful!


  1. So pretty and clean. I love it -just like I love you!!


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