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Not Ashamed

"So now Jesus and the ones  He makes holy have the same Father. That is why Jesus is not ashamed to call them  His brothers and sisters."  Hebrews 2:11

How very much we can endure if Jesus is not ashamed to call us His brothers and sisters! He wants to make us holy, but there are many things we must endure throughout the process. Are we willing to continue even when there is pain involved?

Here is just one example of what it may take for Jesus to make us holy...
Rejection. Have you ever felt the sting of it? I have. And it hurts. If I would try to be strong and spiritual, I would claim it does not hurt, I do not mind, I can handle it just fine. But if I am honest, it is painful to be snubbed.

We all like to be accepted, part of the "in" crowd, among the elite. But what happens in our hearts when we don't quite fit in? How do we handle the rejection? I really believe these experiences are for our benefit, painful as they may be.

Jesus, too, was rejected over and over aga…

Ice Cream Social

One more event that Jacquelyn had on her summerlist is now history! It was so much fun to plan this and I am tickled we actually pulled it off. Gather about a dozen teen girls, add in ice cream and a few games, sunshine and a warm summer day, and you have the proper fixings for Delight!

Welcome to our version of an outdoor, festive, summery  Ice Cream Social!

Jacquelyn invited her friends for an afternoon on the patio. As is quite normal these days, there was a very real threat of rain... but sunshine prevailed and we felt as if we fought for it through our requests to our Father. Thankfulness abounds!

They are just the most darling, cute bunch of girls!  Friendship is a beautiful gift.  Not always easy, sometimes tough, confusing, and discouraging, but being friendly will lead to friendships!  I have seen it and experienced it.

Our decor was simple...bunting and and wildflowers!

Our bouquets were gathered from our herbs, queen anne's lace from a friend's property down the road; and a fe…

Room By Room...No. 6

Breakfast Room
                         a room set aside for serving and eating breakfast

In which case the name is misleading!

To be quite honest, we do not actually eat breakfast in here, but it seems the proper name for this little space just off the kitchen and apart from the formal dining room. Lunch is what we eat in here, mostly, and it's also the family game table. 

Lunch room. Game room. See what I mean? They don't have the right ring! It'd make you feel like you were in an office building or a basement if you used either of those names.

The before was on this order...

Almost two years ago I took this photo. The wallpaper was removed and the walls painted except for the brick part. 

I suppose many of you would disagree, but ever since we moved in I thought the red brick on this wall might need to be painted white. I have this thing for white painted brick and here was a small space in which to try it.

Fast forward to this summer and the urge to tackle it with white paint.…

Blind From Birth

This is the story of a man who never knew anything other than blindness his entire life. A beggar sitting by the roadside. All the locals seemed to be aware of the fact. Then Jesus walked by and his life was about to change quite dramatically! You can read all about it in John 9. For me, it has been a source of tremendous inspiration in the past few months.

It is a case for God's miraculous working to be displayed in one who is helpless (I might know just a little about that complete and utter helplessness, though I am not physically blind). Aren't we all born blind, in a spiritual sense? There are things over which we have no power, things we cannot change no matter how desperately we try, areas of our lives that are not working properly. Only the Holy Spirit can heal our eyes, illuminates our lives.

Jesus' disciples wanted to know if the blindness was due to the man's sins or his parents' wrongdoing. We are so quick to judge according to what we think we see, have…

Summer Garden Tour

A month ago I posted photos of our gardens in Spring. It was the beginning of fair weather and new growth. 

Now...Summer has arrived and a marked change is noted in the flowers.

They are positively exuberant!

It really is pretty awesome what happens to flowers in one month's time if the weather is warm and sunny and the earth is liberally splashed with rains day after day. 

It is safe to say the Allysum is happy in the front gardens. It is also safe to say Jacki and I derive great pleasure from those tiny flowers. Not only have they spread prolifically, they have a sweet aroma that perfumes the entire area!

The black, white, and silver theme is a winning combo... 

How flowers, plants, and grasses can burst and spread and spill over so quickly is beyond me, but I enjoy it all immensely. 

Waves of white brighten this garden!

I had been catching glimpses of a hummingbird in the maple tree, which was the nudge I needed to buy a feeder. Isn't it the cutest little jar?

Many a morning I sit o…