Blind From Birth

This is the story of a man who never knew anything other than blindness his entire life. A beggar sitting by the roadside. All the locals seemed to be aware of the fact. Then Jesus walked by and his life was about to change quite dramatically! You can read all about it in John 9. For me, it has been a source of tremendous inspiration in the past few months.

It is a case for God's miraculous working to be displayed in one who is helpless (I might know just a little about that complete and utter helplessness, though I am not physically blind). Aren't we all born blind, in a spiritual sense? There are things over which we have no power, things we cannot change no matter how desperately we try, areas of our lives that are not working properly. Only the Holy Spirit can heal our eyes, illuminates our lives.

Jesus' disciples wanted to know if the blindness was due to the man's sins or his parents' wrongdoing. We are so quick to judge according to what we think we see, have been taught, or can figure out. But Jesus...there is a totally different agenda with Him. He is listening to His Father and acts according to the direction He gets from Heaven. His reply to the disciples' question is pretty amazing!

"'It is not because of his sins or his parents' sins,' Jesus answered. 'This happened so the power [works] of God could be seen in him.'" John 9

Then Jesus made ointment, spread it on the man's eyes, and told him to wash in the pool of Siloam (which means 'sent'). The man returned, seeing. Oh, how desperately I need that same ointment spread over my eyes so I can see as Jesus sees! When He gives revelation by the Holy Spirit I am healed of blindness.

This 'ointment for the eyes' reminds me of another verse I've read somewhere else.

"Also buy...ointment for your eyes so you will be able to see." Revelation 3:18

How does one buy ointment for blindness? Asking? Simply grace by faith? Is it by risking everything to do what Jesus asks? By complete and total giving of a life to Him? Does it have to do with plummeting to the very bottom of life, a beggar?

I have found honesty to be a key to welcoming Jesus into my life. Those who admit their blindness will be freed from sin and able to see, but to those who claim to see, their sin remains.

When Jesus returned to the man after the Pharisees threw him out of the synagogue, He asked him if he believes in the Son of Man. The beggar was eager to believe if he can find Him. In His kind, gentle way, Jesus answers...

"You have seen Him...and He is speaking to you!" John 9

The man replies...

"Yes, Lord, I believe!"...And he worshipped Jesus." John 9

If I come to Him for light and sight I will most certainly receive it. He goes to great lengths to show us that our hope, our answers, our life are all to be found in Him. He has the ointment for my blind eyes. I find sight in Him.

Not in the world. Not within ourselves. Alone in God the Father through Jesus. The Holy Spirit is willing to spread ointment over our eyes so that we can truly see. But have we got what it takes to buy that ointment?  

The healed beggar had this conclusion...

"But one thing I do know, that whereas I was blind before, now I see." John 9 

...and it rings with a note of certainty. He knew he could see. That is what Jesus does for us!

People, neighbors, were confused as to whether this was even the same man who sat begging. But the man knew. No one could tell him this was not real. He could see! He accepted the ointment Jesus put on his eyes. The blindness had to go.

We cannot always explain why we do what we do, why we are what we are. Blind. Beggar. Helpless. But we can always, always, always, choose to receive whatever it is that Jesus provides to make us whole. We can ask. We can believe. We can trust.

He is worthy of my worship forever. May His works and His power be manifested in my life. Where I am blind I must have ointment from Jesus to open my eyes. No one is hopeless when Jesus walks by!


  1. Again, I can relate. And that ministers. Yes Lord, ointment for our blind eyes. Takes so much pressure off not to have to figure out how or why He does these things. Am just thrilled to see! Never stop writing Karyn. The river flows from you and is life-giving. So thankful we all have access to this fountain! Blessings!

    1. Yes, I really like what you said about the pressure coming off and just being thrilled to see! That is our Jesus, bless His Name!

  2. Amen!! Yes Lord I need that ointment on my blind eyes so I can clearly see. Yes Karyn , I agree with Anne don't quit writing, your posts are always so inspiring :)


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