Ice Cream Social

One more event that Jacquelyn had on her summer list is now history! It was so much fun to plan this and I am tickled we actually pulled it off. Gather about a dozen teen girls, add in ice cream and a few games, sunshine and a warm summer day, and you have the proper fixings for Delight!

Welcome to our version of an outdoor, festive, summery 
Ice Cream Social!

Jacquelyn invited her friends for an afternoon on the patio. As is quite normal these days, there was a very real threat of rain...
but sunshine prevailed and we felt as if we fought for it through our requests to our Father. Thankfulness abounds!

They are just the most darling, cute bunch of girls! 
Friendship is a beautiful gift. 
Not always easy, sometimes tough, confusing, and discouraging,
but being friendly will lead to friendships! 
I have seen it and experienced it.

Our decor was simple...bunting and and wildflowers!

Our bouquets were gathered from our herbs, queen anne's lace from a friend's property down the road; and a few flowers from Sweetwater Farm, our favorite little roadside market.

The girls came in cute summery attire! 

A game of croquet on the lawn seems 
a proper way to make use of a sunny afternoon.

Our menu was easy...
Wallhouse ice cream, vanilla and dark chocolate,
(absolutely the best, we think)
plus lots of toppings and goodies all layered
into these cute sundae dishes.

Somehow we managed to have our party the weekend of 
National Ice Cream Day!
How sweet is that?

Try it! Share an ice cream with someone special!
It is one of life's simple pleasures!