Room By Room...No. 6

Breakfast Room
                         a room set aside for serving and eating breakfast

In which case the name is misleading!

To be quite honest, we do not actually eat breakfast in here, but it seems the proper name for this little space just off the kitchen and apart from the formal dining room. Lunch is what we eat in here, mostly, and it's also the family game table. 

Lunch room. Game room. See what I mean? They don't have the right ring! It'd make you feel like you were in an office building or a basement if you used either of those names.

The before was on this order...

Almost two years ago I took this photo. The wallpaper was removed and the walls painted except for the brick part. 

I suppose many of you would disagree, but ever since we moved in I thought the red brick on this wall might need to be painted white. I have this thing for white painted brick and here was a small space in which to try it.

Fast forward to this summer and the urge to tackle it with white paint. In case you wondered, it is a LOT of extra work to paint brick versus an average interior wall of drywall or panelling. I used a thick nap roller on the bricks and a 2 inch brush on the mortar.

Jacki was a great help with the brush and she certainly knows a lot more about painting than I ever did as a teenager! It's one of the benefits of belonging to a DIY family!

The original owners might be disturbed if they could see it (they were the founders of the local brick company)...but I absolutely LOVE the new look!

Fresh. Clean. Bright. Add to the splash of white a triple window facing east, which means lots of morning sunshine, and you have a joyful light-filled room.

A cafe canvas I picked up at a yard sale works perfectly in this corner. Rhododendron branches make a simple statement on the pillar. The white bowl holds magazines, which Jacki and I peruse while eating our lunch.

Serenity in green and white! It is the feel and look I am drawn to over and over again.

We definitely have a coffee theme in this part of the house!

Jacki keeps my chalkboard updated seasonally!

What's for lunch? Fresh garden vegetables and herbs with grilled burgers on toasted homemade wheat bread is on the menu these summer days...

We have no less than 3 kinds of basil in our garden just because it's my favorite herb and I did not want to run out. It is finally keeping up with the demand!

Sunshiny days have not been very obliging of late, but coating walls in white has a way of brightening a home despite the cloudy conditions on the outside.

And there you have the latest updates on our breakfast room. I dream of replacing the ceilings, light fixture, and trim, but for now, these little refreshments bring pleasure and a feeling of newness to a space we use a lot in everyday life.


  1. Karyn, that is awesome. You did a great job! I love it.


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