Summer Garden Tour

A month ago I posted photos of our gardens in Spring. It was the beginning of fair weather and new growth. 

Now...Summer has arrived and a marked change is noted in the flowers.

They are positively exuberant!

It really is pretty awesome what happens to flowers in one month's time if the weather is warm and sunny and the earth is liberally splashed with rains day after day. 

It is safe to say the Allysum is happy in the front gardens. It is also safe to say Jacki and I derive great pleasure from those tiny flowers. Not only have they spread prolifically, they have a sweet aroma that perfumes the entire area!

The black, white, and silver theme is a winning combo... 

How flowers, plants, and grasses can burst and spread and spill over so quickly is beyond me, but I enjoy it all immensely. 

Waves of white brighten this garden!

I had been catching glimpses of a hummingbird in the maple tree, which was the nudge I needed to buy a feeder. Isn't it the cutest little jar?

Many a morning I sit on the patio with my coffee and watch the little bird flutter up to the feeder. It is most satisfactory!

Light strands in the patio are a must-have, now I've added a white curtain to soften the lines of this outdoor room!

This spring and summer I have taken more time than usual to meander among the gardens and sit outside for refreshment and renewing. I highly recommend it...if you have even a tiny plot of earth! Ours is less than a quarter acre and in the middle of a village!

This rather odd angle is taken from the rooftop! I try and try to capture the waves of white but am not a pro photographer!

It takes a watchful eye to keep these rooftop container gardens moist enough. I've already neglected them to the point of wilting flowers and hanging heads. Thankfully, if you give them a drink they are quite forgiving and turn their faces to the sun again. 

I am ever so thankful to my Father for giving me the opportunity to plant flowers. I've asked Him, like Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden, "Might I have a bit of earth?" And He has so kindly granted my request! These are simple pleasures I do not take lightly. How kind and gentle is the love and care of God the Father!

A joyous summer to one and all!