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Summer's Last Dance

How can it be? Already, there is an unmistakable shift in the feel of the summer air and I am getting hints of autumn. The crisp little breeze, the crunchy fallen leaves, the little red berries branches apparent on ornamental trees, and the waving plumes of purple fountain grass speak of the changing of seasons. It is also the first day of school in our little village.

Even a few weeks ago, I would have bristled at the suggestion, for I was not prepared to shift gears, but something's changed, and I can say it's okay. 

Although I thought this was one time I wasn't going to be ready to relinquish one season for the next, I find myself reveling in the subtle changes.

Still, I don't want the flower displays and warm sunny days to end just yet. We have finally had day following day of lovely sunshine and that means lots of watering for the many plants all around our property, but it's an early morning task I take pleasure in! 

The little circle of lettuce and spinach is ba…

Little By Little

Have you ever considered that God might be delivering you from sin "little by little"? Deuteronomy 7:21-23 says it this way...

"No, do not be afraid of those nations, for the Lord your God is among you, and He is a great and awesome God. The Lord your God will drive those nations out ahead of you little by little. You will not clear them away all at once, otherwise the wild animals would multiply too quickly for you. But the Lord your God will hand them over to you."

This is an encouraging Scripture in that we can expect our enemies to be destroyed in God's time and by His power, but there is a very distinct purpose in the gradual deliverance rather than a sudden and total possession of the entire land.

Those wild animals, might they be those sinful desires within us that must be put to death and kept out of the land by the power of God working in us? And so, I do not need to despair when I see needs and problems in myself, for I hope and trust in the Lord my God …