Summer's Last Dance

How can it be? Already, there is an unmistakable shift in the feel of the summer air and I am getting hints of autumn. The crisp little breeze, the crunchy fallen leaves, the little red berries branches apparent on ornamental trees, and the waving plumes of purple fountain grass speak of the changing of seasons. It is also the first day of school in our little village.

Even a few weeks ago, I would have bristled at the suggestion, for I was not prepared to shift gears, but something's changed, and I can say it's okay. 

Although I thought this was one time I wasn't going to be ready to relinquish one season for the next, I find myself reveling in the subtle changes.

Still, I don't want the flower displays and warm sunny days to end just yet. We have finally had day following day of lovely sunshine and that means lots of watering for the many plants all around our property, but it's an early morning task I take pleasure in! 

The little circle of lettuce and spinach is barren and still! Several rounds of greens have run their course but I have too many problems with bugs and bolting this late in the season, so I hoed it up the other day and we will buy what we need from Sweetwater Farms, our favorite produce stand in the village.

The appeal of a misty morning draws me outdoors for another round of photos.

The cascades of white Supertunias have won me over this year. I have been calling them Wave Petunia but looked at the plant marker the other day and found I was wrong. Supertunia is definitely working for me; even in mid-August they still look great!

It has been a beautiful slow(er) dance, this golden summer. 
We've taken more time to enjoy our family, 
to make those special events happen, 
whether day trips or weekends outings. 
The four of us - father, mother, son, daughter- 
have shared delights for which I am totally thankful 
and treasure in memory already.
It was a very precious gift from our Father.

For, you see, there are changes in the air, 
both splendid and sorrowful at the same time. 
Our days of home education are over,
after 13 years of homeschool, public school,
charter school, and homeschool again, 
the books are laid away forever...
and we are glad! 

But that also means the youngest child will now get a job
 and I will be home alone. 
This is right and good but I don't know whether to laugh or cry. 
I am thrilled she has found a job already 
but I shall feel quite lost without her here at home daily, 
my daughter, my friend, my Jacquelyn Joy.

I rejoice in this new chapter of our book,
but, realistically, it will not be simply ease and joy. 
Then again, life is never all fun and pleasure.
More often, it is a battlefield for the Kingdom of God!
Our assurance is that this is our Father's leading
and in that we are completely content!

May the remainder of your summer be sweet!
I intend to live with purpose and with joy, no matter the season!