Of Mothers

It is very quiet in this house. So still. Too still.

I cry tears of a motherly kind of sorrow over my youngest child leaving home for daily work. Though I expected it to be difficult, I hoped it might prove otherwise.

How did life pass so swiftly from this...

...to this...

The rapidity with which time travels is astounding. It can seem so slow during some phases, I know, but from the vantage point of today, it is certainly moving at a fast pace!

I sense an enormous shift in my daily routine. A change. And it will become the next phase of my life. 

The sorrow is not unmixed with pleasure in watching our children becoming young adults. I can look back without regret, for we have spent much valuable time together in preparation for this very moment in time. I am surprised, really, that I can say that truly from my heart.

Our children. They are a mother's high calling for a lifetime. Whether few or many are her offspring, the call remains the same in its essence. Have I run the race well? Have I really given it my best? 

By the grace of my Father, I have. Not without hundreds of mistakes (those times I've made such awful blunders, or wondered if we are a very odd and dysfunctional sort of family, and why don't we have it together like others seem to) but with love, repentance, discipline, forgiveness, stumblings, diligence, purpose, joy.

Thankfulness minimizes the pain and heartache, and maximizes the pleasure and joy.

And so, I look forward, ever onward. With Jesus, all will be well!
How I love this beautiful privilege of motherhood. I am favored beyond words yet sobered by the responsibility. 

To each of the mothers who may read this, may God's grace, wisdom, and purpose overflow into your lives day by day. You will not be perfect, but you can always run to the Source of Perfection and find rest for your souls in Him!


  1. Oh Karyn, that is so nicely said. I am so inspired by your writings :) love you!!


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