Visit From My Parents

There is joyful anticipation at the prospect of a visit from my Mom and Dad. They live across the country and do not travel back east nearly as often as they used to, so each reunion is precious. Yes, I dearly love my parents and am loved by them! This is a priceless gift from my heavenly Father.

When my family is here, breakfast is the most important meal, not just for the food (who doesn't enjoy a pleasing array of parfaits, homemade toast, and pastries) and music (calm plus bright instrumental), but for the gathering around and lingering over coffee before we launch into the day.

Even though Jacki now has to go to work, we simply rearrange our morning mealtime to accommodate her schedule! That means we eat earlier, but if you know this household at all, that is not a problem, and my parents were quite happy with it as well.

Julian has access to a pontoon through his workplace, for which we are extremely grateful, so we planned an afternoon on the lake. He was fishing and reading...however that works! Mom and I loved sitting on the edge of the boat with our toes in the cooling water on that hot day.

Mom was absolutely delighted to be on the water! Dad declared when she's happy he's happy! And that is exactly what Dale says to me!

My Dale...there is no doubt whatsoever as to whether he likes being out on the water! I tell him he looks most relaxed out there!

I promise I did not require hard labor out of my father. He asked for it! After traveling then sitting a lot at a reunion in PA, he was sure it was time to do a bit of work. He got rid of some more of the trash in the basement in preparation for a new bathroom. How I wished we were ready for plumbing because that is an area in which he excels but it's not quite time yet.

On Saturday Dale and Jacki had a wedding in PA to attend. They sent me this darling photo of their father/daughter date! It was a beautiful time, I was told, and for that I thank the Lord. It thrills my heart that they enjoy each other's company.

In their absence, Mom and Dad took Julian and I out to breakfast then we did some more demolition and outdoor work. In the afternoon we went mini-golfing.

On Sunday afternoon we decided to give it another go, only with Dale and Jacki back home to join us. 

The week passed all too swiftly! We were blessed to have had time together again plus beautiful summer weather. While they were here, their home state of Montana was in the midst of terrible fires within miles of their home. Smoke hung heavy in the air and it was unwise to spend much time outdoors. We were grateful they could get away during the worst of that.

Dinner on the patio

And then of course, one morning we had our coffee out on the patio. 

Another visit, another summer, has passed. I pray for an opportunity to go out to see them someday soon. But I am deeply humbled and thankful to our Father for such joyful family relationships where love binds us together and we truly have fellowship in Christ. 

"Having a place to go is a HOME
Having someone to love is a FAMILY
Having both is a BLESSING."
~Donna Hedges