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Thanksgiving Week

"O give thanks to the God of heaven, 
for His mercy endureth forever." 
Psalm 136:26 

Not only do we give thanks when things go well for us, we are to give thanks always, based on God's love and mercy and faithfulness. I find joy and contentment are multiplied when I begin to give thanks. It is to be the lifestyle of a Christian!

I think we have started a tradition since our move to Ohio three years ago, and I love it! One or more of Dale's siblings come for Thanksgiving, and twice we've had his parents here. This year it was Leon and his children along with Mom and Dad. 

The beginning of the week was a flurry of cleaning, baking, and the usual preparations for guests. It was coming along well and we got most of the baking completed.

A new recipe Jacki tried...Apple cake. It was a hit with most of us, but she didn't like it. It tastes like gingerbread, but there is no ginger in it. Figure that one out!

Why is it that the mixer bowl and whisks break at a time like this? Guest are arriving soon and food making is imperative. Suffice it to say there is now a bold note on the chocolate chip cookie recipe as to mixing methods!

By Wednesday noon Dad's were here, and for dinner, we actually had the Jerry Eicher family join us as well. We had a great evening together!

Thanksgiving morning Leon and his children came and we spent the day together. We feel so blessed to have had them all here and to be part of a family who loves each other.

This is the kind of pose you strike after the meal...

Then it's games for the guys

and puzzles for the ladies

Julian got into the puzzles as well, and we whizzed through two of them, now the third is still to be finished. 

Jerry's stopped in a bit on Friday morning, so I caught that on camera! Next time I will have a full pot of coffee made and do it right!

Dad, Mom, and Leon stayed for the weekend, so we ventured out a bit on Saturday. 

Dale took us on a tour of his workplace, First Choice Exteriors. The guys are inspecting equipment. It seems there must be something of interest in that machine!

We took them to Rebecca's Bistro to see Jacki in action! She made hot drinks for all of us, and is definitely our favorite little barista!

In a world bent on darkness and stress, I thank God for His light and life. It was a weekend of relaxation and fellowship in Christ.

As of this morning all our guests have gone but we have treasured memories to store until the next time! We are rich indeed!