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Yoder Family Celebration...2

This is too perfectly lovely, staying cozily ensconced with my family in a cute lodge high on a mountain for several days. How did this dream come true? They've been doing this for eight years, now I finally get to join them. My heart keeps saying, "Thank you, Father!" 
Big Timber Lodge at Schweitzer Mountain Resort is our cute chalet!

This darling little stone arch on the front of our house frames a view of the lake away off in the distance.

My own particular view each morning when I awoke was stunning! 

Breakfast and dinner were the two meals we prepared, and in between those, you had to snack and fend for yourself. 

Addisyn and Alexia enjoy their hot chocolate while we sip our first cups of coffee before breakfast even starts. If you haven't picked up on it yet, I was in my happy place with my nieces and nephews around me, for it's a rare occasion indeed!

My mom with two of her grandkids claiming her hugs!

Adrianna came and wanted to sit on my lap, then fell asleep. …

On The Slopes

This day of decision came...
it took quite a little persuasion from various sources...
brothers-in-law mostly...
but I faced my fears head-on...
and took to the ski slopes!

Wednesday morning dawned clear and sunny, a far cry from my last experience on these slopes about 12 years ago. That scary day of thickly falling snow, deep, deep powder to sink into, and very limited visibility, was one cause for all the hesitancy (shall we just call it fear) to try again on this trip.

But I discovered something wonderful! Even after not skiing for all those years, the skill was still with me and I could actually glide down that bunny slope with more or less ease. The relief was huge, for I might not be as old and out of shape as I thought. Nothing fancy, mind you, but I didn't fall all over myself either!

The views at Schweitzer Mountain Resort on a sunny winter day are spectacular!

After a few runs on the bunny slope, where I was quite happy, my sisters, brothers-in-law, Jessica and Josh, were ready…