Clouds of Disapproval

Some days the frowning specter of Disapproval clouds the brightness of God's redemption plan. You know what I mean. You cannot get it right; there is something wrong with whichever choice you make. Right seems elusive.

But I long to see and think and do as He does because I am His child. It is a life of faith and of refusing to adhere to either worldly ways or religious rigidity. I want to live with the light and life and hope of Jesus exuding from every fiber of my being.

Acceptance versus disapproval!

Explain to me why God accepted, forgave, loved, and saved some of those Bible characters I've known and read about all my life, then try to tell me this same God overlooks, or even approves of, religious, strict, good, moral, ethical people rejecting a struggling soul who is seeking God.

Why do we have these particular kinds of examples to take life lessons from...

* David, who orchestrated murder and committed adultery
* Rahab, the harlot who was not even a Jew
* Peter, who denied Jesus three times
* The Prodigal, who wrecked his life with riotous living
* The Woman at the well, an adulterer and a Samaritan
* The thief on the cross, a sinner with only moments to live

What did they all have in common? Why did God accept them even after their failings? Peter had walked with Jesus as one of the disciples and still messed up. Might it have to do with hearts that were honest, that sought for God, that reached out to Jesus, that asked for help and believed in the God of all gods to be their deliverance? Is God trying to teach us that He is not, after all, about human perfection and adherence to the letter of the Law, but is looking for a heart that seeks Him?

I need my heart and mind renewed daily so that I am a reflection of Jesus, so that I respond to people and situations as He would. Because each of those imperfect people reached out to Him, He offered hope and deliverance for every one of them. I need that same Spirit toward all men. And I need that same forgiveness for my failures, that same hope when the way seems dark.

Neither dead works nor outright wickedness are acceptable in the kingdom of God, for Jesus is the only acceptable way to come to God. His kingdom is about a living Person, not a set of rules. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice, His own shed blood, so that all may have access into this glorious kingdom of the God of all gods. What a perfect story of love!

No form of disapproval from men or demons can overrule the total security found in Jesus! I will need to keep reminding myself of this liberating truth until the day my earthly life ends. I must needs encourage myself, and all whom I come in contact with, by living and proclaiming this way of escape from the confusion all around. 

The darkness may increase in this world but it can never stifle the Light. The brilliant light of Jesus will triumph over all!