December Decor

Welcome to a tour of Doverlee in December...

It is the beginning of that season in which many dream of going south to warmer climes, gentle breezes, and sandy beaches. But I am not one of the many. I really do fancy a few months of frozen landscapes, falling snow, and frigid blasts. 

If it were not for a cozy and warm home I am sure my thoughts would have a tendency to bend southward. As it is, I favor a steaming cup of black coffee by the fireside while the weather outside is frightful for awhile!

This also calls for the delights of decorating for the winter season!

Snowflakes and Sparkle and Strings of light! 

I bring out the reds and whites in new variations each time this season presents itself.

White spray-painted pinecones sit atop fluffy fake snow in a wire basket on the side table.

An icicle garland wrapped around a red candle plus a few white-painted allium heads and I have a simple and sparkly coffee table. 

Lights and a sunrise in the wee morning hours are simple pleasures for which I am thankful. 

We bought a new sofa for the first time in our 22 years of marriage. Though I am all for saving money and being content with less, there is something to be said for a brand new piece of furniture now and again. I would have gone for a more modern style but yielded to my husband's desire for a deeply cushioned, sink-down-into-it, reclining sofa. After all, he did let me buy that cute, clock-pattern recliner! I really do love the new look!

The illuminated piano corner...

The dining room had few changes, really. A bouquet of white-painted hydrangeas, red sprigs in tiny tin buckets, a couple of red photo albums in a snowflake basket... 

Mostly whites on the buffet...

An amaryllis from my mom that is slowly but surely bursting from the bud will add a pretty splash of red in this corner of the room.

The breakfast room at sunrise.

Jacquelyn has summed up the coziness of winter on this chalkboard hanging in the kitchen. May our hearts find rest and peace, no matter the situation in which we find ourselves. Through Christ Jesus, that is available to all of us.

From our house to yours, a warm and wonderful winter season!