On The Slopes

This day of decision came...
it took quite a little persuasion from various sources...
brothers-in-law mostly...
but I faced my fears head-on...
and took to the ski slopes!

Wednesday morning dawned clear and sunny, a far cry from my last experience on these slopes about 12 years ago. That scary day of thickly falling snow, deep, deep powder to sink into, and very limited visibility, was one cause for all the hesitancy (shall we just call it fear) to try again on this trip.

But I discovered something wonderful! Even after not skiing for all those years, the skill was still with me and I could actually glide down that bunny slope with more or less ease. The relief was huge, for I might not be as old and out of shape as I thought. Nothing fancy, mind you, but I didn't fall all over myself either!

The views at Schweitzer Mountain Resort on a sunny winter day are spectacular!

After a few runs on the bunny slope, where I was quite happy, my sisters, brothers-in-law, Jessica and Josh, were ready to stop for coffee before heading away up to the top. I trembled, but concurred! What if I completely lose my nerve after going inside for a break?

But here we go, despite the butterflies in my stomach. After all, I tell myself, if my sisters can do it, surely I can too! And it was grand fun on the smaller slopes. This is the scene at the top of the mountain...white stillness with a mist settling over us. It's another world of serenity in white.

It is incredibly beautiful and I am ever so thrilled I got to see it and ski it! My sisters and I, with my niece Jessica on the left, at the top of the mountain!

It was perfect snow for skiing. Oh the joy! Especially after I almost decided to stay in the cozy chalet instead.

The guys try a jump...the girls watch but don't dare follow suit!

Coming back to the lodge at the end of the day...

The next morning we go out again, only this time it's the littles (and a few older nieces and nephews) who do the skiing. We, the adults, are the helpers...and picture takers!

They loved it, as accentuated by Addisyn! These kids are so cute in all their ski attire I can hardly stand it!

Camden is a good skier but this year he's trying to learn to board! Let's just say, I will never even try, but at his age, I'm sure he'll become a pro!

Adrianna, the youngest of the group, tries with the ski pole, but decides it's not going to work because her cousin Mason doesn't use it! 

Mason, making it look easy! 

They were quite satisfied with themselves, finally having the chance to get out on the slopes, and we all had a fun day!

And the children weren't the only ones who felt a sense of accomplishment! Just maybe...I am feeling a bit of it myself! Facing a fear is a good thing. Like my mom said, "Isn't that courage?" I agree, and thank her for that encouraging word!


  1. I'm so glad that you took your chance! I'd love to experience the slopes out there. So beautiful...

    1. Lori, I surely hope you get to try the slopes at Schweitzer, and I know you'd love it! It's a beautiful world out there!


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