Yoder Family Celebration

It has taken me over 2 years to make a trip back to my Montana family, but Julian has not been to Grandpa's house for 6 years. In every sense this journey is long overdue!

He was so excited to get to fly again! I, on the other hand, was less than less than excited, but I'm happy to report the flights went well. Prayers of thanks were offered from the depths of my heart when our jet hit solid ground!

This welcoming little front yard nestled in the the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Montana is a delight to behold as we drive in the lane at Mom and Dad's house.

I am thrilled to see the snow falling! Here is the back yard view!

Cousins, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews...all gathered to brighten our arrival. Can you tell I am completely, delightedly content, surrounded by nieces? It's going to be lovely 2 weeks!

Julian is slowly getting to know his cousins again!

It's morning and he is already busy with the puzzle while Mason tries to figure out if he wants to join him.

Addisyn and Alexia are applying themselves to their schoolwork, first thing, so they can go play the rest of the day.

My three sisters and I sit at the table to make a variety of chocolate candy, which will be taken along to the ski resort where we'll spend our Christmas vacation. I can scarcely believe I'm not dreaming! Is it really true that I get to be with them for days?

There is lots and lots of laughter when we gather round!

Four years ago I got to help my sister Kris when Mason was born. Now, even though he doesn't see me very often, he decided to be my friend and keeps telling me, "I want you!" I am quite pleased, you may be sure!

I finally get to see my sister Joyce's house, which they just designed and built! It is absolutely gorgeous! 

The fabulous stone and tile work throughout the house is by Joyce's husband, Jethro!

A game of Taboo is in session after dinner.

I'm so proud of the guys for joining us in this game...it involves lots of fun, shouting and laughter! 

We stopped at my sister Renee's house for tea. I love all her cheery winter decor! Mom is reading to the grands...

Renee's daughter Adrianna is pleased as punch to pose in her very own darling bedroom!

Pardon the grainy photo, but it's all I've got from the Christmas program the church put together for the Heron community on Sunday night. The play was written (mostly, with help from her father) by my niece MarLisa! Here is my nephew, Josh, and niece, Chloe', in one scene. They all did a great job!

When you go into town out here in the West, you are usually loaded down quite heavily with all manner of things because you have so far to go, can't do it too often, and must take the opportunity when it arises. Poor Alexia has to sit under this huge box, but doesn't seem to mind too awfully much! Such a sweetheart!

Yesterday we stopped at my sister Kris' house (she lives right in town), then walked downtown, did a bit of shopping, and paid a visit to the coffee shop on the way home!

Kris, Renee', Mom, Joyce, and me...and I'm so proud to call them my very own family!

And that is the beginning of our celebration of family. Today we'll pack up and journey to the mountains of Idaho where we camp out in a lodge at the Schweitzer Ski Resort...

Whether or not I'll actually do the skiing part remains to be seen, but we intend to make the most of our time together. It is a precious gift from God, this time with my family.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Looks like you are having a grand time! Enjoy it to the fullest.

    1. Thanks Twila, and I can't even describe how lovely it has been!


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