January Journaling

"Every morning I will sing with joy
about Your unfailing love.
For You have been my refuge,
a place of safety when I am in distress."
Psalm 59:16

Who of us sings every morning?
Who is thankful in all things?
It is not possible by human standards,
but that is where the transforming power of Jesus
 comes in, enabling us to fulfill His commands.

Am I willing to believe He can do this in me?
Oh Yes! Step by step, He is leading me to this place.
And the truth is, I am finding Him to be my safe place, my refuge.
That in itself causes me to lift my heart in praise and thanks.

I love this month of January,
not because it's so special or I'm such a rare species
of human who enjoys cold weather,
but because I am learning,
by God's grace, to be thankful in all things,
as He commands us to do in 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

"Be thankful in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you who
belong to Christ Jesus."

That attitude leads to finding a host of things to 
really truly love, which leads to more gratitude, 
which leads to joy the world cannot ever give. 

As I begin to have a thankful heart in all things
I find life becoming a beautiful experience of 
joy in the simplest of ways that
heretofore were hidden from my view.
I even thank Him for those unpleasant obstacles, 
large and small, that crop up in my path
because He says, "In all things!"

I suspect most of us can easily find things wrong in our lives.
We suppose that others have it nicer than we do.
Or we worry that we are not in God's perfect will.
We think we've been handed a heartbreak that is unbearable.
For myself, there is a tendency to get overwhelmed with 
what all is wrong in this world and in me. 
Somehow, someway, we are simply not content.

Where is the place of safety God promised?
I find only one secure refuge from the incessant voices 
of gloom, failure, questions, and fears, 
and that is by always looking to the Lord Jesus for truth,
for light, and for direction on how to live life.
He has never once led me astray or left me comfortless.

It is a metamorphosis of the soul, this life in Jesus!
Where there was doubt and fear,
Christ Jesus brings security and peace.
Where there was gloom and despair,
He brings joy and hope.

Have you ever noticed how many times the Bible
speaks of God being our safe place?
He is a refuge, shelter, tower, fortress, 
shield, buckler, sword, bulwark, etc...
I find Him to be the most perfect protection!

In the face of all the uncertainties I choose to... 
be Thankful by God's grace,
Joy in This Moment,
Find Safety in Christ by faith,
Live Fully in Him Right Now.

Psalm 31:24 is a command and a privilege
for those souls who choose to HOPE in the Lord! 
It is my new verse for this new year! 

When the world and all it holds dear seems fleeting,
when fear threatens to settle over everything,
when all around are dark and gloomy tidings,
this verse tells me to fly in the face of it all and refuse
to be discouraged, weak, or fearful, 
for my Father promises to be all I will ever need.

I choose to believe that what Satan means for my destruction
Jesus can use for my good and His glory
because He loves me!