Sugarcreek Snowscapes

Snow! It brings joy to some and distress to others. I am in the "some" category and had a most delightful enjoyment of it this morning. Join me in a walk through our little village all bedecked in pure white beauty!

How happy we were to meet up with this sweet pair who also wanted to take in the fun and festive appeal of snow!

A darling cottage on Main Street...I always get such delight out of that cute little place!

Oasis Tabernacle, our church just down the street, is seemingly getting buried in the world of white!

Jacki is slowly being coated with snowflakes while we walk the streets of our village and attempt to capture the snowscapes!

A few snapshots of our own home amid the blowing snow and winter grandeur! 

Due to the wintry conditions, Jacki does not need to report to work today, which adds much happiness for both of us. I am indeed blessed to have her for my walking/picture-taking companion!

Sometime this afternoon we must return out of doors and shovel snow off the sidewalks and drive. But for now, the snow is still falling and I will content myself with trying to get a bit more of that painting done in the front foyer! Joy to you!


  1. Wow!!!! I love this ����there is so much inspiration in your enthusiasm!!!!! I too love the snow very much! I love sitting inside drinking coffee and watching the snow fall but also like to go out and shovel it off the sidewalks ������ I love winter as long as I don't have to drive!

    1. Thanks Twila, and I am with you on this and the driving part as well :) Oh, and isn't is distressing when the computer chooses to interpret smileys totally wrong! Have a great day!

  2. The question marks are to be smileys!!


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