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To Be Eighteen

Jacquelyn Joy has entered upon the World of Eighteen. According to her, this age is at the height of her childhood dreams, for she never really went beyond that mountaintop of imagination. Funny how that works!

Eighteen years ago, she was the birth of MY dreams! How I had longed for my very own darling little girl to love and mother, now here she was, a gift from God. I love motherhood to this day!

These are a few snapshots of days gone by, happy days of childhood and friends and family. 

Cousins are some of the best playmates! 

Jacquelyn, MarLisa, Jessica, Chloe'

Jacquelyn, Amanda

Fast forward to this week...Jacki loves baking and has made her own birthday cakes for several years! There have been times the cakes have flopped and I've caught her stuffing them down the garbage disposal! Thankfully, she has not given up. This year she made a tasty (and slightly complicated) Winnie-the-Pooh cake, also known as Russian Honey Cake. 

I glanced into the kitchen to find a whirl of activity a…

Remove and Replace

God the Father...

Removes sin
Replaces it with the righteousness of Jesus 
Removes darkness
Replaces it with pure light
Removes fear
Replaces it with glorious peace
Removes hate 
Replaces it with divine love
Removes death
Replaces it with eternal life.

Have I believed the Word of God? Have I surrendered myself to this Father? Have I allowed Him to remove the evil and replace it with good?

Many things can prevent His plan from ever coming to fulfillment. 

~ I try to do it on my own, which will never work.
~ I do not believe Him, so His purpose cannot be carried out in me.
~ I yield to discouragement, and darkness settles in. 
~ I lose faith, without which I cannot see God.

What must I do to activate God's plan of removal and replacement? 

~ I must believe that He is God.
~ I must believe that He will keep His promises.
~ I must allow Him to do the work of salvation.
~ I must choose to follow and obey Him.

Essentially, I must become like a child. This requires shaking off my cloak of intelligent, adult, …