My Hiding Place

"Thou art my hiding place; 
Thou shalt preserve me from trouble." 
Psalm 32:7

I can stand for days on the threshold of the kingdom of heaven, trying to figure it out, understand it better, judge every angle, or explain every detail, but it is far, far wiser to run into this 'Hiding Place' and fling myself on my face before the Lord and Father, trusting to His mercy, grace, wisdom, and love.

He is more than able to preserve me, to guide me, to love me into the right way of living. Can I trust Him with the things I do not yet know or understand? He is the safest place I will ever find!

All of God's kingdom and plan is fulfilled in His Son, Jesus. When I hide in Him I find safety, direction, and immeasurable love.

"For you died to this life,
and your real life is 
hidden with Christ in God."
Colossians 3:3

If you try to explain it with the natural intellect it will end in confusion. The kingdom of God is not of this world, and it cannot be taught by human knowledge. It must be received by faith, surrendered to, and revealed to the heart by the Holy Spirit. Might we become as little children in our acceptance of heaven's instruction manual for life. If God, the Supreme Authority, says it I believe it.

We have, each of us, a place to which we can run in our time of trouble and need. In the New Covenant we may enter into the Holy of Holies by humble faith. The following excerpt from Oswald Chambers: Abandoned to God by David McCasland really does speak truth to this issue!

"One night after a meeting, Irene and Oswald were about to leave the church when a woman came rushing up: 'Oh, Mr. Chambers,' she said, 'I feel I must tell you about myself.'

"Oswald sat with the woman in a quiet corner and Irene resigned herself to a long wait. To her surprise, he was back again in a few minutes.

"'That was quick,' said Irene as they walked home.

"Oswald chuckled, 'I asked her if she had ever told God all about herself, and she said she hadn't. So I told her to go home and tell God as honestly as she could, and then see if she still needed or wanted to tell me. If only folk would go to headquarters!'"

Of course, we do also need the church, brothers and sisters to bear each other's burdens and share in fellowship, but our life and security is to be found in Jesus. 

The kingdom of heaven is gloriously liberating when received by revelation of the Holy Spirit. By faith I ask, seek, and knock until Jesus opens the gate!