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Julian Is Twenty

This cute little guy is leaving the teen years behind and turning 20years old today. How can this be happening already?

Julian Dale, our firstborn son, filled my heart with joy and fulfillment. I had prayed a long time for this child and was excited to have my very own baby boy. He was a peaceful, calm, and contented baby. I remember asking my Mom if it's alright to just hold him even though he was sleeping, because he basically slept and ate for the first month or two. I didn't want to train him into thinking he needs to be held all the time, but Mom reassured me it was quite fine. I was a highly inexperienced young mother, but don't we all start there?

In about two years he was joined by a baby sister. Julian and Jacquelyn were happy little playmates. As the months went by, Julian developed into a shy, intense little guy, and his bouncy and outgoing little sister was the perfect complement to him.

Mostly, he was a happy child, but we noticed he had unusual fears and sensiti…

We Have This Moment

"We have this moment to hold in our hands And to touch as it slips through our fingers like sand Yesterday's gone and tomorrow may never come But we have this moment today" William J. Gaither

It's a Monday afternoon, Dale comes home from work, the thermometer stands at 78 degrees, and Jacki is off work early. 

Naturally, we make a dash for the lake and are afloat on the boat in short order. And this is only April. This early round of warm weather is quite pleasing.

What a joy to be able to seize this moment together.

It can get a little scary. Dale very nearly hooked me with an errant cast of his. The fishing pole whacked my head while the hook found a way to get entangled in my journal ribbon. We had to tear off the ribbon in our attempts to free the hook but my head is quite fine, considering. This episode has, however, caused grave concerns as to my safety aboard this fishing vessel.

My husband reassures me that he has never hooked anyone so I should stop my worrying. &qu…

Spring. Seeds. Sunshine.

There are days when the sky is of bluest sheen The meadows are yielding their brown for green the clouds are made of a billowing form there's nothing will do but to be out of doors

Jacquelyn and I knew quite early on that this was one of those days. I already had the vegetable seeds and onion sets. Just a few hours earlier I came home with three trees that would need planting. And there was a warmer and sunnier forecast for the day.

Jacki prepares the soil for seeds.

We await this day with eager anticipation each year. It is a ritual of springtime, this planting of the round vegetable garden. We design it differently each time and today was no exception. Now that we are on the fourth spring here I expect we are reaching the limit of possible arrangements for the tiny circle, but we have never done this particular style. It's a combination of circles and straight lines.

We planted Tom Thumb Lettuce, All Greens Mix, Spinach, and Red Sails Lettuce. The onion sets are in the corner garde…

Room By Room...No.7

"To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life- this is indeed a gift from God. God keeps such people so busy enjoying life that they take no time to brood over the past." Ecclesiastes 5

Why do those verses in Ecclesiastes always gladden my heart? I know they hold a message that is important for me to remember in those dreary days when life has gone wrong.

Contentment, peace, and the joy of living  are a result of believing that God gives good gifts to His children. Whether my way is tough and discouraging or I'm in a time of comfort and rest, I can accept 'my lot in life' if my eyes are on Jesus instead of on myself, my circumstances, and all the world's ills. It's taking me a long while to learn this lesson!

I've never completed my 'Room By Room' series, so this is a continuation of that. The last post was in July, so I take my time, obviously! 

Today I will show you before and after photos of the living room, the most-used and well-loved area of ou…