Spring. Seeds. Sunshine.

There are days when the sky is of bluest sheen
The meadows are yielding their brown for green
the clouds are made of a billowing form
there's nothing will do but to be out of doors

Jacquelyn and I knew quite early on that this was one of those days. I already had the vegetable seeds and onion sets. Just a few hours earlier I came home with three trees that would need planting. And there was a warmer and sunnier forecast for the day.

Jacki prepares the soil for seeds.

We await this day with eager anticipation each year. It is a ritual of springtime, this planting of the round vegetable garden. We design it differently each time and today was no exception. Now that we are on the fourth spring here I expect we are reaching the limit of possible arrangements for the tiny circle, but we have never done this particular style. It's a combination of circles and straight lines.

We planted Tom Thumb Lettuce, All Greens Mix, Spinach, and Red Sails Lettuce. The onion sets are in the corner garden and the carrots in the herb garden.

I feel it is now really and truly Spring. True to form, it's giving me a surge of excitement and eagerness to plant my flowers. I have made a tour of several greenhouses already, trying to determine whether my choices of plants and colors for the year will be available. It was highly successful. 

Some of the more unusual plants that I did not expect to find are actually sold in local greenhouses, much to my delight. Add to that the fact that the employees went above and beyond to be helpful, and I will certainly return to buy the plants in a week or two.

These are my favorite greenhouses, for those who live in or near Holmes County, Ohio. 

County Line Greenhouse at 1248 Township Road 169, just outside of Sugarcreek, is quite small but close to home and reasonably priced. It is run by a friendly, helpful lady and has high quality plants. We are developing a lovely little friendship, which makes it a pleasure to shop with her.

Mount Eaton Greenhouse at 15172 Harrison Road, Apple Creek, is probably the largest greenhouse in the area and has beautiful plants. The other day I stopped in and was pleasantly surprised at the friendly and informative staff. My questions were answered most satisfactorily. There are rows and rows of greenhouses, a feast for anyone looking for flowers and plants beyond the ordinary. I found a trailing begonia for my container gardens in shade, which was a lovely surprise. 

Fredericksburg Greenhouse at 8645 Cutter Road, Fredericksburg, is  a good place to try if you want a large variety of perennials and nursery stock as well as annuals. Their trees and shrubs are quality and the prices better than I expected.

I am waiting impatiently for this tulip to bloom. After a tour of Kingwood Gardens last year I knew exactly which tulips I wanted for my gardens. These are a double white (Tacoma) variety that I saw there. If only they won't get frozen out of existence or snowed under by late snowstorms. I say it's still looking quite perky.

This afternoon we made a quick trip down the road to the Norma Johnson Center for a walk and to search for spring blooms. No flowers were to be found, but it was a refreshing trek nonetheless.

Showing off my polka-dot rain boots. 

I am so happy with them. I've wanted to buy some for years but always backed out, thinking it's an unnecessary expense. I decided to go for it this year when my winter boots gave out before the season was over. It seemed more plausible that way, as I'm sure you can understand. They have earned their keep plenty of times over but, today especially, I was so glad for them as we tromped over hill and vale, through mud and squishiness.

On a separate little note, but still of this day, Jacki baked these little beauties and I got to try one. Delectable, even though they did not "turn out" quite right. They might fall apart but they taste better than ever. They made a good ending to a good meal on a good day.


  1. This day sounds quite delightful I must say... Such precious memories being made!


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