We Have This Moment

"We have this moment to hold in our hands
And to touch as it slips through our fingers like sand
Yesterday's gone and tomorrow may never come
But we have this moment today"
William J. Gaither

It's a Monday afternoon, Dale comes home from work, the thermometer stands at 78 degrees, and Jacki is off work early. 

Naturally, we make a dash for the lake and are afloat on the boat in short order. And this is only April. This early round of warm weather is quite pleasing.

What a joy to be able to seize this moment together.

It can get a little scary. Dale very nearly hooked me with an errant cast of his. The fishing pole whacked my head while the hook found a way to get entangled in my journal ribbon. We had to tear off the ribbon in our attempts to free the hook but my head is quite fine, considering. This episode has, however, caused grave concerns as to my safety aboard this fishing vessel.

My husband reassures me that he has never hooked anyone so I should stop my worrying. "Whatever you say, dear!" Because that is an excellent record for someone who has been fishing for many years, right?

I am blessed. There is a peace and serenity on the water that always ministers to my soul. It washes away some of the mire and mud of life so that I lift my eyes to my Lord with thanksgiving and praise. The stillness of the water, the protecting forest, the rocking of the boat, the great blue sky, and the warm sun on my face are all reasons to bless my Creator.

Add to that the pleasure of the company of my husband and daughter and we have had a lovely today.