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Cheese Board + Garden Tea

This is Jacquelyn's little experiment but I'm the one writing about it because...well, because she invited me to the party. And the preparation too, of course! It all took place in our kitchen and backyard.

We both like cheeses, breads, pickles, fruit, chocolate, etc...and the idea of trying a cheese board with a few of her friends sounded fantastic to me.

Just as a word of warning, this takes a LOT of prep. Since it was our first time we felt a bit bewildered as to how to actually bring it all together. It was a long list of ingredients and one I would cut down the next time, but we got it on the table nearly on schedule.

Kaylene, Jolissa, and Jacquelyn, the lovely young ladies who allowed me to join their party and snap photos!

Our delectable array of foods included the following...

Cheeses... Brie. Asiago. Parmesan. Baby Swiss.
Meat... Prosciutto
Breads by Jacki... Toasted Ciabatta. Sesame Thyme Crackers.
Sauces by Jacki... Whipped Feta. Spinach Pesto.
Condiments... Olive Oil w/ Him…

Just At Home

But that is not exactly the way it sounds. For me, home is the best and safest place on earth. I love...really, really be Just At Home. Travel, vacation, and away-days are wonderful and stimulating and necessary, but I will always love Home best of all.

I remember feeling that way when I got married and it remains unchanged to this day. I worked four days a week in the first few years after getting married because we lived in a tiny apartment and I had to stay occupied somehow. But I couldn't wait to have children and be a stay-at-home mom.
To be quite honest, I feel like I am really in the minority in that respect. I am not altogether certain what the reason is for this strong desire to be at home. I do believe the world lost the core ingredient of home and family when women decided a career was more important than being a keeper of the home, but I also understand there are cases in which it may be necessary for a women to work outside of the home. 

Today is an ordinary da…

Half Moon Bay

Is it Ireland? Because I feel transported to another country once again. But no, it's the beautiful and wild coastline of California.

It's the last day of our vacation. Saturday we had rain and foiled plans, at the conclusion of which we decided San Francisco has a complicated and confusing public transportation system. 

Sunday we had a beautiful blessing, also the basis for our trip, in that we were able to sit under a message by Brother Zac Poonen and have a chance to let him know how very grateful we are for his ministry in our lives. 

Today we drove south to Half Moon Bay along Highway 1. We found breathtaking ocean views, rocky cliffs, a lighthouse, some of the largest waves I've ever seen, and a narrow meandering trail down to the beach.

You may have noticed a rope in the previous picture. We had stopped along the road and started down the slope. This is the point at which we thought it best to end our downward journey. Neither of us felt quite up to such a strenuous des…

Napa Valley

Today we made our way farther north to the vineyards of Napa Valley, California.

Mostly, the local population appears wealthy but then there is a rattling little truck, whose owner may or may not have been trying to fool everyone. No matter, I think it's ever so cute.

Just inside Napa Valley we pulled over at a roadside market for a cold drink, but exited with sparkling peach and blackberry drinks, two wedges of cheese (Bellweather Carmody and San Joaquin Gold), and a baguette. 

I freely admit, I have eaten more than my share of the bread. Both the cheeses were also quite good.

Now, as to our actual destination...we are in search of a castle.

The winding lane up to Castello di Amorosa

I tried, unsuccessfully, to grow a few of those cypress trees in my Ohio gardens. They are so tall, stately, and elegant. But I will just have to enjoy them from afar, which I certainly did today.

The gatehouse... 

The castle was built with stone from Tuscany. Perhaps that helps explain why I felt like I had…