Cheese Board + Garden Tea

This is Jacquelyn's little experiment but I'm the one writing about it because...well, because she invited me to the party. And the preparation too, of course! It all took place in our kitchen and backyard.

We both like cheeses, breads, pickles, fruit, chocolate, etc...and the idea of trying a cheese board with a few of her friends sounded fantastic to me.

Just as a word of warning, this takes a LOT of prep. Since it was our first time we felt a bit bewildered as to how to actually bring it all together. It was a long list of ingredients and one I would cut down the next time, but we got it on the table nearly on schedule.

Kaylene, Jolissa, and Jacquelyn, the lovely young ladies who allowed me to join their party and snap photos!

Our delectable array of foods included the following...

Cheeses... Brie. Asiago. Parmesan. Baby Swiss.
Meat... Prosciutto
Breads by Jacki... Toasted Ciabatta. Sesame Thyme Crackers.
Sauces by Jacki... Whipped Feta. Spinach Pesto.
Condiments... Olive Oil w/ Himalayan Pink Salt & Pepper. Honey.
Vegetables...Roasted Tomatoes. Kalamata Olives. Pickles. Roasted Artichoke.
Fruit...Strawberries. Sliced Apples. 
Pistachios. Dark Chocolate.
Drink... Garden Tea.

It was a gorgeous evening to enjoy an outdoor party. This was extra important because our air conditioner decided to die, and given the fact that few of our first floor windows open, it was excessively hot in the house. The cool evening breeze and cloud cover made it much more pleasant in our backyard.

The yellow begonia is not edible but fell of a plant and onto my pathway as I was setting the table. I was pretty sure it's lifespan had not quite ended yet, so it found a place on the cheese board.

Happily, there were lots of leftovers and we will surely enjoy them. Dale got a taste and gave full approval, which always cheers Jacki a great deal. It is definitely something I want to try again someday!

That was our yesterday!