Half Moon Bay

Is it Ireland? Because I feel transported to another country once again. But no, it's the beautiful and wild coastline of California.

It's the last day of our vacation. Saturday we had rain and foiled plans, at the conclusion of which we decided San Francisco has a complicated and confusing public transportation system. 

Sunday we had a beautiful blessing, also the basis for our trip, in that we were able to sit under a message by Brother Zac Poonen and have a chance to let him know how very grateful we are for his ministry in our lives. 

Today we drove south to Half Moon Bay along Highway 1. We found breathtaking ocean views, rocky cliffs, a lighthouse, some of the largest waves I've ever seen, and a narrow meandering trail down to the beach.

You may have noticed a rope in the previous picture. We had stopped along the road and started down the slope. This is the point at which we thought it best to end our downward journey. Neither of us felt quite up to such a strenuous descent! 

It was enough excitement for us to find our way through the undergrowth, as signified by the next few photos.

The call of the wide open seascapes will do this to you.

And what a beautiful sight awaited us!

Wave rising...



Steps to the sandy beach...

Washed ashore...

Rocks sprouting plants...

 And this, the painter by the sea, thrilled my soul. I chatted with him a wee bit, telling him I really like his painting and letting him know my daughter would love this and paints as well. And that my son does paint by number. He says it matters not how or what the method, so long as they put down the paint.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse is where we saw harbor seals.

It's a sweet little picket fence surrounding the walkways by the lighthouse.

Another tourist thought it good to exchange photo taking. I agreed with her and just then my husband came around the bend. Perfect!

We still had hours before our flight to Cleveland so I asked Dale to take me back to the gazebo I had heard about from the lady on our flight out last Wednesday. This gazebo turned out to be The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre and a very grand place indeed.

It was a day for crossing things off my list, unlike Saturday, and one of those items was experiencing the steep streets of San Francisco. I could not capture it in photos but I tried.

You basically aim for the sky. 

Or dive down nose first.

That concludes a wonderful vacation, except for a lovely sunset on my walking trail along the San Francisco Bay. It was about a mile from our hotel, perfect for a bit of an evening stroll before retiring for the night.

We have been blessed and refreshed by this beautiful gift from our Father. And now for the joy of everyday life!