San Francisco

Though we are 20+ years into married life I feel like I'm on another honeymoon with my husband. It seems as though a beautiful dream is enveloping my life at this moment and I bow my heart in gratitude to my Father, who gives all good and perfect gifts. 

From the birth of our first child until the present day, my husband and I have never had a vacation quite like this...just the two of us for almost a week. And it has been completely fine and right and good. That period of our lives was intentionally given to raising our two precious children. We took trips without them, but very seldom, and almost all were for ministry. 

But today we find ourselves across the country on the West Coast for a time of refreshment together. Some of this area is slightly reminiscent of Honduras, where we spent our honeymoon. Of course, that just adds to the delight of this place. 

In the morning I set right to the task of sampling a local bakery,

after which, I was perfectly prepared to walk the Golden Gate Bridge. Though there was rain in the forecast, we had a gloriously beautiful day to explore, another one of those gifts I appreciate so much.  

The vegetation out here is remarkably unlike what we find back East. There is a pleasing display of blooms all around, begging to be photographed and enjoyed.

Our cute tiny car (I may be strange but I love the California license plate) is also taking us back 20 years. Back to the little CRX we had when we got married. Dale called it his shoe, into which he somehow managed to fold all 6'2" of himself. This shoe is a bit bigger.

On the flight out a lady behind me began filling me in on sights to see in this area. She is a local and had some fantastic ideas to share.  Due to her input, we set out to find this rocky coastline.

It did not disappoint. I fairly flew down those steps in my absolute delight at yet another amazingly beautiful discovery.

Can you believe how gorgeous this day is, knowing it was supposed to be dark and stormy? We do not plan our trips down to all the details of when, where, what, how, and why, so it may seem, to the more organized types, that we are stumbling along rather clumsily. But when I look back at the events of the day I am sure there was a Master Planner at work on our behalf. I don't know why, except that He knows how to give good gifts to His children in answer to their prayers. 

Our next stop was just a bit further down the road and we could walk right to the ocean. Dale spotted a fisherman and that was his cue to set out across the sand. 

The spectacular cloud-mountain-ocean views are a marvelous tribute to our Creator. I am in awe and I am inspired. It always happens when I am out along the ocean.

I can't identify this tiny creature that floated in with the waves,

but the birds were happy with it.

Our lunch was at Fuzio in downtown San Francisco.

Yes, my chicken piccata was great.

Dale waits patiently while I snap away...

While there, I spotted the Port of San Francisco off in the distance, so that was our next destination. 

Those palm trees...

This little bird was begging for food just inches from my shoe.

Darling little row of houses

Seaside living...

And that is the end of the day in San Francisco. It was beyond my expectations. This dream is reality. My husband and I have had such a wonderful time that, according to him, we ought to be careful or we might get too attached to each other! How I love him and his sense of humor!


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