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Happy Birthday Tina

Early in the morning, quite possibly our favorite time of day, Jacquelyn and I drove toward the rising sun with the heart of Pennsylvania as our destination. It was the beginning of a beautiful day.

We were honored to be invited to join in the birthday celebration of my sister-in-law Tina, who is turning 40 years old. The ladies of Beaversprings Mission Church gathered in Emeleen's lawn for the party. What a joy to surprise Tina and spend a wee bit of time with her and the rest of the ladies.

What's not to love about a lawn party on a beautiful June morning? Unless it's an excess of heat and humidity which leads to unwanted sweat issues that cause a good bit of distress...but go along with summertime after all. And then there was a grand old maple tree right next to the house to keep us sheltered from the intensity of the sunshine, so it was wonderful and shaded and oh-so-delightful.

This little darling is such a cuteness with her sprinkling of freckles over her nose, her ski…

Our Greek Dinner

Jacquelyn has been feeling the need to learn more about cooking and grilling. I am in agreement. The difference between us is that she keeps edging toward gourmet requires-ingredients-we-do-not-have types of meals and I gravitate toward simple tried-and-true recipes my mom made. I did raise this child but she has a viewpoint slightly unlike mine. 

Isn't that awesome? I think it is. We sharpen each other.

The dinner she chose had a distinctly Greek flair. Some of the prep took place in the morning. When she got called in to work early I finished a few things for her. After she returned from the bistro, we worked at it together. 

She presided over the pita bread 

I got started on grilling the chicken kebabs. She dashed back and forth from the kitchen stove to the outdoor grill in order to get some hands-on grilling experience.

Our Menu:

Grilled Chicken Kebabs
Homemade Pita Bread
Greek Rice
Cucumber Salad
Lemon Pesto

I set the dinner table with gold-rimmed plates and goblets filled with…

Is It Possible?

How is it possible to have joy and peace in times of devastation and fear? By abiding in the presence of the Father. Staying there. Living there. I really do believe this. Joy and peace, then, are not based on earthly circumstances but on a living relationship with the Son of God. That is possible only through the Holy Spirit residing within me. This song is my prayer...

Come Holy Spirit I need you Come Holy Spirit I pray  Come in Your strength and Your power Come in Your own gentle way.
One of my greatest struggles in living life is wanting to know for sure how to do it perfectly right, not only before my Lord but also before men. I do not want to be accused of misrepresenting God or His Word. I don't want to cause unnecessary offense to any one group of people. But I found this verse and believe I should allow it (maybe even expect it) to happen from time to time.
"I did not hide my face  from mockery and spitting. Isaiah 50:6
Though it is speaking of Jesus, I believe it can be appl…

Castle & Cafe

In the wee morning hours over a light breakfast I was paging through the Ohio magazine when I noticed a cafe in Columbus that we've never sampled. Jacki and I had made plans to visit a castle in southwestern Ohio and if Columbus is about halfway there, shouldn't we stop off and try a pastry and coffee?

How delighted we were to find this charming pastry shop is right in German Village, an area of Columbus we wanted to tour anyway. Never mind me, tripping about in a rather exaggerated fashion. I'm hoping I don't actually walk with that much of a lift to my foot. Jacki consoled me with the assertion that I was backing up to get out of the photo she was taking. I think she is right...I hope she is right.

We opened the door and were greeted with this feast for the eyes. It's one of the best pastry displays I have ever seen. Exactly how am I to choose only one creation?  

The cute, helpful ladies behind the counter added to our sense of pleasure at this new discovery. And, …

Husband & Father

Because my heart is full... 
Because my desire is to encourage wives and daughters... 
Because God is worthy of all glory for His grace to us... 
I'll tell you a testimony of mine.

Yesterday, just like innumerable days past since I married this man, I had a weight of troubles stooping my shoulders and clouding my vision. I get that way far too easily; God knew I needed a compassionate husband. Once again, he and I had to have a communication session. These are battles against all those little enemies that constantly war against our marriage. 

They are not pretty, these sessions, in that I have ugly issues to pour out, tough questions to ask him, and multiplied fears to work through. Patiently, my husband lent an ear and a word of wisdom, direction, and rebuke. Because I'm his wife and I need him, he is willing to take a large chunk of time out of his busy schedule just to enable communication between us. That is the way we topple the looming walls I build.

Later in the evening, he a…