Happy Birthday Tina

Early in the morning, quite possibly our favorite time of day, Jacquelyn and I drove toward the rising sun with the heart of Pennsylvania as our destination. It was the beginning of a beautiful day.

We were honored to be invited to join in the birthday celebration of my sister-in-law Tina, who is turning 40 years old. The ladies of Beaversprings Mission Church gathered in Emeleen's lawn for the party. What a joy to surprise Tina and spend a wee bit of time with her and the rest of the ladies.

What's not to love about a lawn party on a beautiful June morning? Unless it's an excess of heat and humidity which leads to unwanted sweat issues that cause a good bit of distress...but go along with summertime after all. And then there was a grand old maple tree right next to the house to keep us sheltered from the intensity of the sunshine, so it was wonderful and shaded and oh-so-delightful.

This little darling is such a cuteness with her sprinkling of freckles over her nose, her skirt askew, and her shoes on the wrong feet. 

Obviously, I am in the middle of emphatic discourse. I could tone it down a bit, I should think. Then again, there are so many friends to catch up with that it's necessary to talk fast.

Jacki and some of the girls played a round of croquet. It seems I was standing in the path of Amie's ball. 

Another cute little girl all summery in her flowery dress.

Tina starts to opens her gifts and suddenly the little children come running. I'm always amused at how that works. They can be off playing with friends and seemingly unaware of what goes on among the adults, but let the gift-opening begin, and here they come, flocking round to take part in the excitement. It's the sweetest thing...

Thanks to Em for opening up her backyard for a lovely party. And thanks to all the ladies for the delicious food. It was a joy to be at the celebration of my dear friend and sister. Tina has been a source of inspiration to me through all these years and a most perfect wife for my brother Keith. Having this opportunity to enjoy my PA family and friends has been a gift from God.


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