Our Greek Dinner

Jacquelyn has been feeling the need to learn more about cooking and grilling. I am in agreement. The difference between us is that she keeps edging toward gourmet requires-ingredients-we-do-not-have types of meals and I gravitate toward simple tried-and-true recipes my mom made. I did raise this child but she has a viewpoint slightly unlike mine. 

Isn't that awesome? I think it is. We sharpen each other.

The dinner she chose had a distinctly Greek flair. Some of the prep took place in the morning. When she got called in to work early I finished a few things for her. After she returned from the bistro, we worked at it together. 

She presided over the pita bread 

I got started on grilling the chicken kebabs. She dashed back and forth from the kitchen stove to the outdoor grill in order to get some hands-on grilling experience.

Our Menu:

Grilled Chicken Kebabs
Homemade Pita Bread
Greek Rice
Cucumber Salad
Lemon Pesto

I set the dinner table with gold-rimmed plates and goblets filled with fresh garden tea to create a bit of a dressed up tone even though it was just our family sitting down to a mid-week meal. 

It is always a successful meal when the men in the family add their approval. Julian and Dale both gave positive feedback. That means happy sparkling flutters for the women!

There is nothing quite like a family dinner to bring everyone together for a time of enjoyment, conversation, and harmony.

Those virtues are not created around a dinner table. In fact, this setting can be particularly painful when peace is missing in family relationships. But it seems to me that a meal shared at home while seated at the table enhances our family ties. Just ask my family how I feel about it. Despite our modern on-the-run society, I am all about sitting down to a meal together, even if we only get to do it once in a while.


  1. That table looks wonderful!!!! I love family dinner time. 😊 So glad everything turned out great for you, and that you got the men's approval. That is always an important part.

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