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Summer Garden Tour

Welcome to a photo tour of our gardens. Though it has been one of the least successful years ever, there are a few flowers about and an overabundance of ivy to fill in the gaps. So I will be thankful for ivy and the yellow blooms I do have.

With gardening it can be difficult to pinpoint exact reasons for how and why plants grow or die but I have a few things I can blame for my troubles this time around. Cicadas...

Why did they like our property so much and totally avoid other places? 

We swept up these piles in our patio every morning for almost a week. At first I asked for assistance from the men in the family but I got braver as time went on and ended up doing it myself after the second day. The good news is that they did not stay as long as I had feared. Within a few weeks the worst of it was over, though I still find shells.

Holes like this are dotting my landscape. When I first spotted them I was pretty sure I knew the culprits. They indicate the emergence of cicadas.

Moles. As if cic…


They look ever so grown up!

These four were playmates as toddlers and have somehow grown into young adults already. Amie and Weston, my brother Keith's two oldest children, came to spend a very short weekend with us. Since we moved to Ohio and they are still in PA, visits are rare, but we enjoyed having them here.

We played a round of mini golf at the course just south of Sugarcreek. It was hilarious and so much fun, we are talking of "next time" already.

What to do on a Sunday morning when they are all dressed for church and out on the patio until it's time to leave? Grab the camera and snap a bunch of photos.

It's pretty clear the girls both talk with their hands...

Who knows what pathways they will take but I pray they will each find and walk in the place of God's leading. They are sweet and dear and precious to me... And I can't help feeling almost shocked at how quickly they went from 5 to 15 and beyond. 

Treasure Today!

Columbus With Jacki

And it's round two for Columbus because we have not finished our explorations of this city and because we were serious about returning to Pistacia Vera, the cute cafe. It was warm enough to sit out on the patio with our pastries and cortado (espresso coffee with a splash of warm milk). I confess the drinks were not a hit. Too bitter...but now we know. The pastries were better than ever.

Last night Jacki asked me how and when we began doing this lets-go-explore kind of local adventuring. She couldn't remember but I can. It was an offshoot of charter/homeschool field trips, which we started doing about 12 years ago. I wanted our children to experience the state, city, and neighborhood around them and enjoyed taking them to school outings. As they got older they lost interest in going with large groups of kids and parents they barely knew, which I could understand, so I started taking them on my own. 

I combined school with pleasure, something they held in question at times. It was…