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Orcas Island Adventures

Our ferry docked on this island midmorning and we began our explorations immediately. Orcas Island is the largest of the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington but even at that is only 57 square miles of land. 

From mountain to meadow to sea it is a delightful discovery and we are all excited to drive the quiet country roads and see more of this enchanting little spot on the globe. These tiny deer abound across the island.

Heading up the road to Mt Constitution in Moran State Park. This seemed to us to be The Enchanted Forest.

Pausing along the way... take in the sweeping panoramic vistas.

We have reached the top of the Observation Tower on Mount Constitution, the highest peak of the San Juan Islands. 

Jacki and I already know we like a good hike but Julian surprised all of us, even himself! He accompanied us on numerous byways and mountain trails during our stay. Though I am not one for the heights of adventure I did linger quite near the edge of this precipice for the sheer be…

Schmuckers In Seattle

I still don't know how but we managed to be in front row seats on our flight from Cleveland to Seattle. Maybe it had to do with booking seven months in advance. Whatever the reason, I know it made for a much smoother flight which in turn led to a less stressed me. By the time we saw this view of Mt. Rainier from our tiny airplane window the level of excitement was running quite high.

A two week family vacation on the West Coast and with my Montana family is reason to get just slightly exuberant. We celebrated our arrival with ice cream. It is tradition to incorporate this sweet treat into our day as often as possible.

Next morning, after an overnight stay at a hotel about two hours east of Seattle, we took this route toward Sandpoint, Idaho. 

The drive is gorgeous and varied in its landscape. We stopped to snap a few photos. New scenery definitely makes the hours go by a little faster. There is nothing about this that looks like Ohio. It is wild and wonderful and western.

We spent ten…