Schmuckers In Seattle

I still don't know how but we managed to be in front row seats on our flight from Cleveland to Seattle. Maybe it had to do with booking seven months in advance. Whatever the reason, I know it made for a much smoother flight which in turn led to a less stressed me. By the time we saw this view of Mt. Rainier from our tiny airplane window the level of excitement was running quite high.

A two week family vacation on the West Coast and with my Montana family is reason to get just slightly exuberant. We celebrated our arrival with ice cream. It is tradition to incorporate this sweet treat into our day as often as possible.

Next morning, after an overnight stay at a hotel about two hours east of Seattle, we took this route toward Sandpoint, Idaho. 

The drive is gorgeous and varied in its landscape. We stopped to snap a few photos. New scenery definitely makes the hours go by a little faster. There is nothing about this that looks like Ohio. It is wild and wonderful and western.

We spent ten days in Montana with my extended family and those photos may or may not appear in another blogpost. 

Now we fast forward to our return to the coast. There was not a whole lot of extra time, since the trip itself took about seven hours, but we got to explore Seattle in the afternoon.

Cutter Crabhouse offers Northwest seafood, has a splendid view of the bay, and is a wonderful choice for lunch or dinner when in Seattle. We had never heard of the place, and were not at all sure how to navigate in the city, but parked in the multi-level parking garage, took the elevator up to the street, and found ourselves right at the restaurant door. It was most satisfactory. The server informed us these very windows had been blocked off for 5 weeks during construction and were only recently uncovered, so we were most fortunate to be able to enjoy the bay view.

Jacki and I shared this entree', a seasonal item featuring peach salsa over mahi-mahi with a combination of sweet potato, coconut, and cilantro layered into it. So many unusual flavors combined into one dish created a great-tasting meal.

Dale's plate...

Well fortified, Jacki and I took to the streets and the guys found a bookstore. I was almost overcome by the gorgeous profusion of flowers all around. Plants of all kinds are positively ecstatic with the climate in this place.

Then there was Pike Place Market. There too, we could not get over the flowers, dahlias in particular. It was a delight to stroll through the maze of souvenirs, foods, and people. It was full but not too overcrowded.

I don't even know whether the city is known for it or not but there is one word that comes to mind...two words, actually...

Totally Hipster!

...which means I do not fit in, but I am blissfully at peace with that...most of the time. It is a glorious liberty, this knowledge that I don't need to fit in or be trendy. My aim is to be an ambassador of the kingdom of heaven and as much as possible to represent Jesus, the Bridegroom of my heart.

"And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father." Colossians 3:17

We made a stop at this bakery for a baguette and also bought a few chunks of cheese to pair with it. Incidentally, we never got to sample the cheese because I forgot it in my Aunt Martha's fridge. At least she could make use of it.

The steep streets reminded me of San Francisco, which we visited a few months ago. Of course, the fact that Seattle is right on the west coast added to the illusion of having been there before. I do love exploring new places.

After a few hours had passed, the children and I were pretty sure it was time for ice cream. Shug's Soda Fountain to the rescue. 

My Aunt Martha had kindly invited us to spend the night at their house just north of Seattle. It was a sweet little diversion between Montana and the San Juan Islands, as well as being right along the way to our ferry destination early the next morning. We had a great time reconnecting with them. 

And this is how we look at 5 a.m., just a bit puffy-eyed, but that is what happens when you wait to bring out the cameras until early morning. Thanks, John and Martha, for opening your home to us.

After driving an hour and a half north to Anacortes, we boarded the ferry and are bound for Orcas Island, part of the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington.

Our ride to the island was so serene, beautiful, and peaceful, my instincts told me I would love this new territory waiting for exploration by the Schmuckers.

There are few things quite so alive with possibility as a family vacation in a new location on a bright and dazzling morning.

Next stop...Orcas Island.


  1. ahh Karyn you sure got some great pictures of Seattle....we were so thrilled to have you stop by our place and definitely felt like we just picked up where we had left off quite a few years ago!!! ach my the early morning look!!!!... soo glad to get a snapshot in your vacation and glad it was such a great,fun ,family experience...

    1. Thanks Martha, and I'm so glad we could reconnect with you! We did have an outstanding vacation.

  2. Wow, it sounds and looks like you had an amazing trip. Can't wait to hear all about it.


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