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Autumn Doorstep

“Well, that was life.  Gladness and pain...hope and fear... and change. Always change!  You could not help it.  You had to let the old go  and take the new to your heart... learn to love it and then let it go in turn.  Spring, lovely as it was,  must yield to summer  and summer lose itself in autumn." ~L.M. Montgomery  

In truth, I love the changing of the seasons. 
There is a hint of sadness in autumn 
for the death of flowers and leaves. 
However, it also speaks of the bounty of harvest 
and laying up a store of treasure for the winter. 
It is definitely the last gloriously colorful time of year.
My front porch display is all in muted tones, as usual, 
but it has a decided fall flair with the tasseled grass and tiny pumpkins.

As to the process of getting in tune with autumn...

My doorstep had been bare for weeks but yesterday I dressed it for the season. I've been searching for the perfect smallish urns to place on either side of the door and finally found these online at Home Depot. They are …

Lisianthus in Evening Light

At day's end I settled down into my chair and glanced across the room. The little vase of fresh flowers I had placed on the side table earlier today caught my eye. It seemed to light up that corner of the room with its understated simplicity and drooping petals of pure beauty. 

Just look at it! The elegance of this Lisianthus flower is a delight to the soul.

The actual plants in the garden are not exceptional. Mine were all pushed over by wind, or maybe it was the need of support. They did not look all that pretty. Still, I want to plant a mass of them next year for the beauty of the flowers.

Cut a few sprigs and bring them inside and you have some of the most beautiful blooms ever seen. Then again, I may be partial to it because I love pure white flowers. Another advantage to cutting them is that it will only make them bloom again. I had clipped them way back and expected them to be done for the year. Last week I saw they were making a grand reappearance. 

With the evening sun stream…

To Bring To Nought

There is a question on my mind and it has been lodged there for days, weeks, months...

"What is truth?" Amid the varied, crazy, opposing ideas out there, what is actual truth? Can it even by found in this day in which we live?
We all face conflicts and ask for solutions. About the time we think our problems are solved, a larger, more complex, issue arises and dwarfs the former worry. Confusion sets in and threatens to overrule rest and peace.
I am sure I am not alone when I say there are insurmountable obstacles in our path at this very moment. I think of two situations in particular in which I struggle with perplexity and distress. But I can only go so far in my dismay before I realize I have but one choice, and that is to turn my mind and heart and spirit to my Father for direction.
Mercifully, He has given us His Holy Spirit for continual infilling, comfort, and guidance. There need never be a day, a moment, without Him. This was one of those times when I desperately needed t…

Dining Room Demo

It all began with a major leak in the main drain line which runs down the dining room wall. 

A proper repair job required cutting into the wall and ceiling. That, of course, led to the decision to renovate the entire room. I was not ungrateful. 

I've been keen to be rid of the carpet, ceiling tile, and chandelier in this room ever since we moved. Now I have a good reason to push forward.

Can you believe the ebullient splash of wallpaper we uncovered? Those huge green fronds would be much too bold for me though the wainscoting seems quietly elegant. That aside, I am in my adrenaline rush mode as I get to tear things apart and start anew in at least one room of this grand old house.

My guys always give me a surge of gratefulness when construction needs arise at our house. Dale was fabulous, despite an interval of about six years since he did this kind of demo. He is The Man when it comes to knowing how to do it quickly and effectively.

I, on the other hand, love to dig into it but may or…

Our Family In Montana

A month ago we flew West to spend time with my family during those fleeting summer days that are surpassingly beautiful in Montana. Bright sunshine, majestic mountains, blissful silence, remote regions, and plenty of my dear Yoder relatives all around us. 

Our first stop was in Idaho at my sister Kris' house, where we gathered in the backyard for brunch under the shade trees. 

After the meal, my little darlings asked me to go inside and see their toy collections. Somehow it turned into a jumping competition. This aunt is perfectly thrilled to cheer their efforts!

Jared and Kris live within walking distance of the Lake, which we were happy to discover on that first day.

Monday to Friday of the first week found Dale and Julian up bright and early, taking to the local waterways with fishing gear in tow. No sleeping in for these guys, just a few long naps in the middle of the day.

One morning there were four guys piled into the little boat. Yes, it's cold at this early hour, notwithsta…