Dining Room Demo

It all began with a major leak in the main drain line which runs down the dining room wall. 

A proper repair job required cutting into the wall and ceiling. That, of course, led to the decision to renovate the entire room. I was not ungrateful. 

I've been keen to be rid of the carpet, ceiling tile, and chandelier in this room ever since we moved. Now I have a good reason to push forward.

Can you believe the ebullient splash of wallpaper we uncovered? Those huge green fronds would be much too bold for me though the wainscoting seems quietly elegant. That aside, I am in my adrenaline rush mode as I get to tear things apart and start anew in at least one room of this grand old house.

My guys always give me a surge of gratefulness when construction needs arise at our house. Dale was fabulous, despite an interval of about six years since he did this kind of demo. He is The Man when it comes to knowing how to do it quickly and effectively.

I, on the other hand, love to dig into it but may or may not be a bit bumbling in my efforts to assist him. I managed to draw blood from my thumb and finger, and shock myself while working with a receptacle. Between Dale and I, a window got severely cracked. 

To add a bit of interest, I needed one more mishap. Julian was holding onto the last 2x6 joist on the ceiling while his dad cut through the nails holding it in place. He managed to lose his footing and went flying in the direction of the debris pile, properly flattening my cleaning bucket, and kindly smacking me on the top of my head with the aforementioned 2x6. If that doesn't set you back on your heels, I don't know what will!

If you know Julian, you know he immediately started apologizing profusely, first for bopping me on the head and second for smashing my bucket. I, after the initial shock, was actually fine and ever so relieved he had not landed on one of the many sharp nails scattered menacingly all around. Chuckling a little, he informed me that had been a grave concern of his as well!

Be it known to one and all, demo is dangerous business. But we had a blast working together and were well pleased with ourselves for the progress we made in a few hours. Our Equipter comes early in the morning and we'll haul out all this debris in order to get to the carpeting and take it out.

I'm always curious as to what we might find during demolition. This is a strange one. There is concrete in our ceiling. I find it highly unusual to put concrete in a place like that but there it is. Why? I really can't say. I just hope it does not fall on our heads.

After our day's work was done, I strictly sealed off the dining room to ensure that no rodents, insects, or unwanted objects enter the rest of the house. Dale is slightly amused by my insistence on this little detail but I will sleep better tonight because of it.

I can't wait until morning when I can rip up the carpet and find out what the floors have to offer. As usual, I hope for hardwood...