Lisianthus in Evening Light

At day's end I settled down into my chair and glanced across the room. The little vase of fresh flowers I had placed on the side table earlier today caught my eye. It seemed to light up that corner of the room with its understated simplicity and drooping petals of pure beauty. 

Just look at it! The elegance of this Lisianthus flower is a delight to the soul.

The actual plants in the garden are not exceptional. Mine were all pushed over by wind, or maybe it was the need of support. They did not look all that pretty. Still, I want to plant a mass of them next year for the beauty of the flowers.

Cut a few sprigs and bring them inside and you have some of the most beautiful blooms ever seen. Then again, I may be partial to it because I love pure white flowers. Another advantage to cutting them is that it will only make them bloom again. I had clipped them way back and expected them to be done for the year. Last week I saw they were making a grand reappearance. 

With the evening sun streaming through the windows and gauzy curtains filtering it just a bit, that little space, along with the flowers in it, was my evening inspiration to thank God for the little things.