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The Floor Story

There were a number of flips and flops on this matter of flooring for our dining room but the finished product has me convinced I got the best of all the choices! 

Our first idea was, of course, to use the original hardwood that was hidden underneath the carpet.

We did uncover hardwood but it stopped short of the end wall by about a foot. By all appearances, there was once some sort of built-in filling in the space. What to do? After much deliberation, we chose to fill in the gap with new white oak that nearly matched the existing floor.

We spent quite a lot of time on this attempt at fixing the floor.

Next step - sand it down to bare wood. That's also where our next problem surfaced. This floor is a thin (about 3/8") interlocking hardwood. Even though we used the least aggressive sander out there, either the floor had been sanded too many times before or we didn't know how to do it, because it started splintering pretty directly and we saw it was a losing battle. It'…