December Traditions

For me, this is year two of flying West to join my family for their annual Christmas festivities but if it marks the beginning of a new tradition you won't find me complaining. That's not quite true, I do complain about winter flying, but I subject myself to it for the joy of Yoder family togetherness. And I love the sky-high views that flying has to offer.

The time for joyful dance and happy song is when our aircraft lands at the final destination and we are whisked away to Montana grandeur by Mom and Dad. This year it's Jacki's turn to experience winter in the mountains.

My birthday was the day after we mom and sisters thought it important to celebrate. They are the sweetest!

Adri was my little helper. It doesn't matter who is getting the gifts, opening them is so much fun for this child. I'm delighted to have her assistance!

Jacki baked pumpkin scones to go with our coffee. She had an excited audience.

Mom's fireplace is cozy, crackling, and cute as can be with an old-fashioned Christmas theme.

When we all need to see something at the same time this is how it works. Chloe', up on top of the sofa, knows exactly how to solve the problem of no-more-space!

Though the cold was rather extreme we bundled up and took our walk to work off the pastries we all consider a necessary part of our morning routine.

The delights of a snowy landscape!

Games and trains and cakes at grandpa's house...

How thrilled we were to have my older brother Richard and his son Jacob join us a few days later! Gathered around the breakfast table.

We got more snow overnight so Richard is already out and at it with the snowblower.

Paying a visit to Joyce and Jethro's house.

And Renee' and Lavern's house...with my favorite Mason at the front door to see what's happening. Her winter decor is beautiful!

These two, Josh and Camden, found great amusement in popping out of their snowy hole and scaring us while we were on yet another walk! What guy doesn't like getting a jump and a scream out of his cousins and aunts? 😅 They got us good, we had no idea they were anywhere near us!

We are all packed up and ready to head up to Schweitzer Mountain Resort but first, coffee.

There is an air of excitement as we anticipate our week together at the cozy Timber Lodge high on the mountaintop...and I thank the Lord for this gift of time with my family.