Into The Depths

I felt like a little child adrift on an ocean with all manner of scary creatures swimming beneath me, menacing forces in the heavens above, and crashing waves all around. There is no hope of survival in that situation. And yet, there is. Like Peter, I have the almighty power of a God who enables me to walk on water, to see Jesus beyond the evil forces in high places, and to come away without being food for the predators prowling in the fearful depths.
Through the anointing of the Holy Spirit I can plunge into the deepest ocean and spread the fragrance of His love, peace, hope, and salvation. That is completely impossible with my own soul-power, but I've found His faithful Presence guiding me into waters way over my head and keeping me safe through it.
What if my Father asks me to take the gospel to the lowest of low places and spread hope? What if I can't stay home in domestic tranquility with my children around me and my husband beside me as my soul desires? What if Jesus takes me to what is unclean, dark, oppressive, and bound in order to shine His light? What if I am not called to the safe, pure, lovely, and appealing places? What if I see things that make me want to recoil in horror?
The answer is...
Then I am extraordinarily privileged and honored! But I have not always seen it that way. I suspect I've had more questions and hesitations than most followers of Christ. I've been selfish.
This is my testimony of transformation through the life of Christ within. It's not by my might or power but by His Spirit. He has taken into His own hands what I am, naturally, and asked me to surrender to His plan. In that giving up of my way I have found grace to walk into places that I couldn't possibly have faced on my own. I consider myself the least favorable candidate for ministry to inmates in a tough prison. But there it is. That is what Jesus asked of me.
Why didn't He ask someone more qualified, more excited at the opportunity, someone wishing for the chance? Truth be told, I was not looking for this job. I really did not want it. But He chose me. He blessed me by taking me out of my comfortable, safe environment and causing me to need Him more desperately. My flesh still recoils. But I am not my own. He bought me with His blood and I am His, content in His protection and love.
The Lord that I serve can change any heart, do any miracle, turn this obscure, unlearned, unpolished woman into a vessel for His honor. And He will do the same for all those who live for His glory. It's not about a ministry, a great calling, a glamorous opportunity. It's about an everyday life. Day by day devotion to Christ in the midst of the mundane. Trying and failing, yet finding help in Him every time. 
You have no idea what amazing things are in store for those who trust Him!