Notable Accomplishments

Recently, I read about an Australian who was highly successful in his attempts at flying during the earliest days of aviation yet I had never heard of him before. His name was Charles Kingsford Smith. The other Charles - Charles Lindbergh - did not set nearly the records or pull off as many great feats but he seems to have gotten more coverage. His very name is synonymous with aviation. It is not so much what each accomplished but the amount of publicity they received.

Charles Kingsford Smith was Australian. Charles Lindbergh was American. I suspect that made all the difference in how the history of aviation (at least in America) was written. It does not seem fair but I'm convinced it is the story of life. Some get noticed but many do not. Publicity. Wealth. Birthplace. These are, in my opinion, greater factors in notable accomplishments and record-setting exploits than we will ever know. 

A man of wealth or poverty. Fame versus obscurity. Intelligence over against ignorance. Talented compared to unskilled. The gap appears wide but that great chasm between classes of people will one day become barely discernible.

Would it not be best for each one of us to remain humble, small in our own eyes, and keep our faces in the dust, whatever may be the story of our lives? There is only One great, only One Who is higher by infinity than anyone else. We may continue to learn, reach for higher planes, grow in wealth or fame, but only in remembering that we are merely one among all God's creation can we bring honor to His name and avoid coming to the end of life burdened with shame and disappointment. 

Do I desire truth and honesty and humility above wealth, fame, or accomplishments? I believe it is possible to live in peace only as my life returns all glory to my Father and Lord. It is good to give honor where it is due, to show respect to people for their works' sake, to strive diligently toward goals, but it is also good to remember I am but dust and all I have has been given by God.

Should I ever think I've done or said or accomplished something notable I pray the Father will mercifully remind me of this lesson He is teaching me now. 

"He hath showed thee, O man,
what is good; 
and what doth the Lord require of thee,
but to do justly,
and to love mercy,
and to walk humbly with thy God? 
Micah 6:8

Of notable accomplishments there is only one worth studying for a lifetime. It is the Heavenly Father's amazing plan of salvation through the blood of His Son, Jesus, by which all men can be saved from death and sin. It is an incredibly beautiful, comprehensive plan that works...if we humble ourselves and receive it by faith. 

Take heart! Those of us who may not be wise and notable have a part in that Heavenly Kingdom even if we are completely unnoticed here on earth. What really matters is whether we are in Christ. In His Kingdom the first shall be last and the last shall be first. It functions quite opposite from our natural thought process. I have a sense that I do not understand it all but I want His value system to become mine so that I reflect Him more and more truly.

A life that brings glory to God. That is a Notable Accomplishment!