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Basement Transformation

What a difference hard work and a sizable investment have made in our basement! Come along with me and I'll show you the appeal of a space awash in the calming effects of white, grey, and green. That, of course, is a matter of opinion but since I am living here, my point of view is of some importance. White can be stark and cold but mixed with muted greys and greens it becomes the perfect backdrop for a relaxation zone.

I am completely thrilled with the new tile floors. They have exceeded my expectations and made the greatest difference in these two rooms!

As I mentioned in the previous post, the tile comes from Yoder Floor Design and was installed by Burnell at BWB Tile Solutions.

It may not be hardwood, my favorite kind of flooring, but at least I still came away with a weathered wood look-alike and a floor I'm absolutely happy with every single day. Don't you love those fluffy area rugs to cozy it up?

The vanity base took a lot of searching. I wanted real wood but with…

Basement Renovation

Decisions! Decisions! How exactly will we execute the next phase of this lengthy project?

It's part two, the demolition stage is past, and we are making positive progress in our bath and laundry renovation. No more tearing this old house apart. It's time to put things back together.

My parents' visit was timed nearly to perfection. Dad was able to run the electrical throughout the basement, which was a great boost for Dale.

Isn't it amazing to have just the right help at just the right time and with just the right attitude? My Dad enjoys electrical work and arrived precisely when needed, though we did not plan it that way. He always asks us if there is work to be done because he prefers to stay occupied versus sitting all day. I can help with that this time around!

Julian helped staple insulation and hang drywall.

All three guys hung drywall on July 4th, a hot summer day. That's what I call a working holiday.

It's beginning to look like actual rooms, not just …