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Why Go On?

That is the question I asked of my husband the other night. There are elements in my own life, my family, and in the world around me that keep trying to discourage me from being a follower of Christ; keep telling me it's no use, it doesn't work, it's too complicated, etc...

What, then, should I do?

In the thick of the battle I wonder why I keep doggedly fighting on. I have so many questions and fears concerning this life of a follower (a soldier) of Jesus Christ. I am buffeted on every side and made to feel it really is a losing battle. I see only in a dim, foggy sense. Much of the way is shrouded in unknowns. What do I have to offer anyway? I am too poor and ignorant to give anything.

This Christian requires absolute faith in the One I am following. But what if my faith runs low?

This morning, I came across the parable of the ten servants who were given ten pounds of silver and instructed to invest it. This passage in Luke 19 proved to be a thoroughly conclusive…

Lake Erie. Snow. Westlake.

"Let's go to the beach!"

That sentiment is one thing in the summertime but quite another in the dead of a Midwest winter. Jacki went along with my unconventional idea, even though she really should have had a thicker coat and hat and gloves. It has been a warmer than usual winter but this day was cold and appropriate for the time of year.

When my daughter has an unexpected day off work, we might be found exploring a new village or castle or lake or mountain...whatever happens to be within a couple hours' drive and on her (or my) list of places to see. The morning began with baking half a dozen loaves of sourdough bread at home, then we headed north toward Westlake.

First, lunch at First Watch, our new favorite place to eat breakfast, thanks to a recommendation from a friend who enjoys some of the same things we do. I love discoveries like this!

They serve breakfast or lunch from 7:00 - 2:30 and we chose breakfast. This is my portion. Who puts a lettuce salad tossed …

Diminutive Dose of Delight

I believe there is beauty in the grand and immense as well as in the tiny and everyday. These snapshots focus on the little and ordinary things that brighten my days. To find delight, even in small doses, is one way to be thankful daily.
1. A tall mug of rich, creamy, homemade, hot chocolate makes the hours spent figuring out a new method for tracking our finances just a bit sweeter.

2. Historic architectural details discovered and duly photographed while exploring a new village with my daughter Jacquelyn.

3.  The lovely cover of The Flower Workshop by Ariella Chezar, and the anticipation of reading it soon.

4. The colors and the calm of my morning habitat.

5. For the joy of latte art and the pleasant memories of Atticus, a coffee shop in Spokane.

6. Jacquelyn at home! This is her new pet or study or hobby. Whatever you choose to call it, I love her sourdough bread. Well, some of it! It is definitely an education she is giving herself and, as such, there is plenty of trial and error …