"While the earth remains,
seedtime and harvest,
and cold and heat,
and summer and winter,
shall not cease."
Genesis 8:22

I have seeds and gardens and flowers and herbs on my mind. 

This is the year I try to incorporate a cutting garden into the tiny backyard, an idea both Jacki and I are excited about. It will mean dragging out my trusty tiller and turning up the soil and grass to enlarge the space we now use for vegetables, herbs, and flowers. More of the lawn will have to give way to gardens.

It is rather messy to bring soil, seeds, and trowel into the kitchen, but that was what the cold weather of a month ago required of me. I found the trays, lids, and seeds at Berlin Seeds between Walnut Creek and Berlin. The zinnias and cosmos I found at Home Depot.

The beautiful evening sky from my foyer windows. This is my chosen location for the seed trays.

The front foyer may be a strange location for starting seeds indoors, but in this house that happens to be a largely unused spot with plenty of natural light. I decided to give it a try.

Thanks to four years of working with my friend Martha, from whom I've learned valuable lessons on planting and gardening in general, I was willing to try my hand at this new venture.

I was amazed at how quickly the seeds sprouted! I saw life within a week.

It did not take long to realize which sturdy little plant variety was planning to outgrow all the rest. It's called Moonflower, a trailing vine with large white flowers.

Moonflower about two and half weeks in...

I had to transplant them into a large tub to prevent them suffocating themselves and the other plants.

A month later, and they are healthy as ever and rapidly developing little shoots in all directions. There is one problem, they bloom after sunset. That means I should be out at night to enjoy them. But I am part of the Schmucker household, which is not known to be out and about in the gardens after sunset. So there is some question as to whether or not I shall even be able to appreciate the pleasure of these fragrant white flowers in the upcoming summer months. For now, it's fun to watch them grow. They have a way of making this venture look quite successful!

Here we see the result of overwatering...moldy and dying zinnias.

But I bought another pack and those are looking perky at the moment!

Out in the garden our daffodils are singing their sweet song of new life for a new year.

Happy Springtime to each of you. Jacki's chalk version is a fairly accurate portrayal of the season in our part of the world and gives me a warm, friendly feeling. I am thankful to be alive on this lovely spring day.